Thursday, May 19, 2011

A cure for travel withdrawal: More travel?

Gluttons for punishment. Masochists. Maybe that's what we are.

After arriving home in Albuquerque Tuesday night -- via the Final Detour -- we found stacks of mail and a long list of errands waiting. We were busy unpacking, sorting, corresponding, and catching up into the wee hours of the morning. During the previous week and a half, we'd put some 2,000-plus miles on the Vibe's odometer as we traveled in Arizona and southern and northern California.

One would think that more driving and travel would be the last thing on our minds.

So what did we do on Wednesday? Travel, of course.

Wednesday morning, after a couple of quick in-town errands, I drove to Los Alamos to retrieve Little Cat A from her spa vacation with Carol Anne's parents. It was not a rescue -- Dulce did not go into her cat carrier at all willingly. She had something to say about the trip south -- Meow! Repeated some 3,500 times.

Then we frantically loaded the big truck for a trip south to meet up with the fifth-wheel travel trailer we'd just bought. So, by day's end, I'd driven a few hundred more miles to add to the previous day's 400-some and a similar tally for the day before.


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