Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Heron Lake Marina, July 17, 2010

Heron Lake Marina in northern New Mexico, showing A and B docks.

J/24 sloop seen through masts in marina

Telephoto view up the Narrows toward the main body of Heron Lake

Saturday was an odd-duck day at the Heron Lake Marina. Relatively few people showed up for the planned racing, so people just went sailing for fun. Ed, the New Mexico Sailing club's commodore, took a family out sailing for a new experience. At first, they had no wind and were doing a "bob and bake", but some strong puffs came in to make life exciting for a while.

Hanging out at the marina during part of the weekend was a nice break from digging a drainage ditch and other chores. And, even the drive to and from a hundred-dollar grocery shopping trip in Chama was powerfully scenic and relaxing.


At 9:23 AM, July 21, 2010, Blogger Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Always fun to gaze at full marinas and anchorages!

At 9:25 AM, July 21, 2010, Blogger Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Actually, it's even better to see some empty slips because it might mean some boats are full of people having fun!

At 10:52 AM, July 21, 2010, Blogger Baydog said...

I keep thinking how nice it must be to sail in fresh water and not have to worry as much about corrosion.
It is a beautiful place.

At 1:54 PM, July 21, 2010, Blogger Carol Anne said...

Baydog, you'll have to come visit some time. It would be interesting to see what you would whip up on the marina barbecue grills!


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