Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Monday at the Marina; Heron Lake Views

Sloop At Last entering her slip after some quality time on Heron Lake. While the previously posted photos from Sunday give an idea of how busy Sunday was at Heron, these pictures maybe give an idea of how much quieter the holiday Monday was for those sailors remaining at the lake.

Programming Note: The posts from Sunday are labeled 1 through 10 but 9--10 and a few prior July posts don't show up because of so many recent posts that exceed the limit set for this page. To see them, go to the links of the "Programming Note" below.

At Last eases into her slip. Or do these shared docks get called half-slips?

Heron Lake Marina on Monday, July 5, showing A and B docks.

B and C docks at the Heron Lake Marina, owned and operated by the New Mexico Sailing Club as a concessionaire of the New Mexico State Parks.

Capri 22 Stella Maris enjoys a brief sail after being launched for the first time in a while.


At 9:04 PM, July 07, 2010, Blogger Carol Anne said...

I wonder what happened to the "Older Posts" button that used to show up at the bottom? I also thought maybe clicking the July 2010 archive might bring up all the posts, but it didn't; it, too, stops after episode 7.

Meanwhile, the link to episode 10 isn't working -- the first letter isn't part of the hotlink.


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