Thursday, July 08, 2010

Boating Safety Class Interest Survey

If enough people are interested, a free New Mexico Boating Basics safety class will be held in August. Topics for the class are boat knowledge, getting underway, safe operation, legal requirements, emergencies, and water sports. The course is taught to national standards. After passing the class, you’ll be sent a wallet card that is honored in just about every state in the country. In addition, you’ll receive a two-for-one camping voucher for state park non-reservation sites. Everyone who signs up to show interest will be entered in a prize drawing to be held this afternoon at the New Mexico Sailing Club reception at the marina.

If you can't make the Osprey Festival or marina open house on Saturday, leave a comment and we can get in touch to let you know how to sign up for the class.

Mini Quiz

1. A white buoy with orange horizontal stripes around the top and bottom and
an orange diamond indicates ______________ .

2. An easy way to remember priorities for rescuing someone who falls into
the water is ___________ _____________ _______________ _________________

3. The main danger that occurs immediately upon immersion in cold water is

4. A wake from a boat under motor power is
(a) allowed anywhere outside of no-wake buoys except at no-wake lakes
(b) any breaking water anywhere around your boat
(c) big waves behind your boat with a rooster-tail of spray to cool off other boaters
(d) allowed at least 100 yards from naval vessels and large ships in a restricted channel
(e) never allowed in a no-wake lake such as Heron Lake


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