Monday, June 21, 2010

Sailing Survey Says Make Yacht Clubs Friendly to Kids

100 Yacht Clubs Share Best Practices, Gowrie Survey
should generate some discussion; it contains several pages of ideas for reversing the decline in numbers of people sailing, especially young people. Thoughts?


At 5:11 AM, June 22, 2010, Blogger Tillerman said...

I have a feeling that the whole "yacht club" model for the sport is doomed.

At 9:49 AM, June 22, 2010, Blogger Pat said...

I think they have their place as a comfortable hangout for some people, but if Gary Jobson is going to depend on them to revitalize the sport, it's just not going to happen. For one thing, many of them have membership limits and are still trying to sell exclusivity... in an era where fewer people give a hoot about that. And some clubs have just plain run out of energy and imagination.

Actually, someone in the coming year I'll be looking for an inexpensive club with good reciprocals that I can join as an out-of-area member.

At 7:56 PM, July 20, 2010, Blogger my2fish said...

I'm not a club member, as I've yet to find one close enough for the cost was reasonable for me. and several charged monthly meal plans on top of the club rates.

I was pleasantly surprised to find one club that offered an alternate to paying dues - if you complete a minimum number of volunteer hours doing work around the clubhouse, it would count as your "dues". that seems like a good option to get younger members interested.

cheers, my2fish


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