Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More Circumnavigator Thoughts

No doubt that many of us could point to specific preparations that would have increased Abby Sunderland's chances of success in her effort to complete a solo non-stop circumnavigation.

And I think at least some of these preparations should be part of a standard by which any prospective future voyages can be measured and tested.

And I think that if US Sailing and the International Sailing Federation want to have any credibility in this area, that they need to speak out. Otherwise, they risk being seen as even more marginal to most sailors.

The American Sailing Association is the only sailing organization that's been in the media in regard to Abby Sunderland, and I've not seen them or anyone talk about standards and preparation.

A while back I posted some thoughts about how young people (or anyone) might prepare for a circumnavigation and how that might affect their chances of success.

Is it maybe time that someone in a sailing organization show some leadership and propose some standards by which would-be young circumnavigators, their sponsors and supporters, the news media, and the public could judge the commitment and level or preparation of the next kid?

Because, with no leadership and no standards, there will be a next time. And one of these next times could end up even worse than Abby's trip.


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