Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Race that Wasn't

102. Buccs attempt to start a second race on Saturday. Only the Vipers and multihulls succeeded in completing a second race on Saturday afternoon. Fortunately, both Friday and Sunday had better winds. (20100116 144034 BD Regatta Sat 102 Bucc start)

103. (20100115 144044 BD Regatta 103 Bucc start slow)

104. Buccaneer no. 5215 Quack!! and fellow Buccs attempt a second race start on Saturday, but their valiant effort would be foiled by fickle, fading, and finally failed breezes. After several minutes of this nonsense, we sounded and signaled abandonment from the committee boat. And then there was much rejoicing among the sailors, who saw little or no hope for wind in the remaining hours of winter sun. (20100116 144038 BD Regatta Sat 104 5215 Quack and Buccs)


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