Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Alibi" gets her Buccs in a row after Saturday's Birthday Regatta

105a. Alibi and the Drifters -- Alibi's crew meet boats looking to go where they're towed (20100116 145452 BD Regatta Sat 105a Alibi and drifters)

107a. Alibi crew view (20100116 145504 BD Regatta Sat 107a Alibi crew vu)

108a. Alibi with a Thistle on her stern (20100116 145510 BD Regatta Sat 108a Alibi w thistle on her stern)

112a. Alibi picks up some Buccs and change (20100116 145738 BD Regatta Sat 112a pickup some Buccs and change)

113a. Verticality: transoms and saguaros (20100116 152218 BD Regatta Sat 113a transoms)

114a. Transoms oblique; seven horsepower for seven boats (20100116 152224 BD Regatta Sat 114a buccs in a row

Alibi with her conga line (20100116 152244 BD Regatta Sat 116a Alibi conga line)

118a. Alibi gets all her Buccs in a Row (20100116 152316 BD Regatta Sat 118a Alibis Buccs in a row)

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