Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sailboats on the Bay, Corpus Christi, Texas

Two sloops within the harbor frame another sailboat in the distance outside the breakwater. Having traveled to within seventy miles of the coast, Gerald and I were too busy to actually spend any time near the water until, on our way back to New Mexico, we stopped in Corpus Christi, Texas, for an hour for lunch and a very rushed bit of sightseeing. We strolled and drove around the harbor, taking snapshots of a few boats that were out.

Despite sunny skies and a good breeze, only a handful of boats were out that Saturday afternoon Perhaps the whitecaps on Corpus Christi Bay reflected conditions that were a little rough for some sailors, or perhaps a lot of sailors had already gone home by the time we arrived at the bay in mid-afternoon.

After lunch and sightseeing, we also squeezed in a mini-micro-tour of the Corpus Christi Yacht Club and picked up a burgee there; it will eventually adorn a wall at "Five O'Clock Somewhere" in northern New Mexico. It would be great fun if we could catch a ride on the bay; I've only sailed there once in spite of having passed my childhood in south Texas. It might also be interesting to volunteer to help with a regatta there sometime.

Sloop reaching north inside the harbor breakwater, Sunday, June 13, 2009, Corpus Christi, Texas.

Sloop powers along with its skipper enjoying a fast broad reach within the Corpus Christi small-boat harbor breakwater.

Beige sloop in the harbor, Corpus Christi, Texas

View to the south, showing sailboats in the harbor and a church in the far background.

Harbor view, looking to the southwest.

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