Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sunday afternoon at Brantley Lake, New Mexico

Dam view at Brantley Lake State park in southern New Mexico. On Sunday afternoon (June 14, 2009), Gerald and I were on our way home to New Mexico when we called "Mac Guy" and wound up arranging to meet him at the lake, north of his home in Carlsbad. We went out for a spin and a quick cool-off swim and explored the lake for the first time. In spite of some clouds, the weather was hot, with the winds drying people off quite quickly. After a short picnic at anchor near the dam (in only nine feet of water depth!), we returned to shore and continued our drive to Albuquerque.

"Mac Guy" at the helm. John also sails a MacGregor 26 sloop, the "MacGoddess", but the day's heat and small lake area at Brantley made for more of a powerboat day.

Gerald enjoying fresh air as a respite from the heat.

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