Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Brantley Lake panorama

Northwest portion of Brantley Lake. Brantley is quite shallow; last Sunday the lake was only 15 to 16 feet deep right in front of the dam. Water evaporates quickly is this part of the world, too.

View to the north at Brantley Lake.

Narrow portion of Brantley Lake, New Mexico.

View to the southeast, showing the southern portion of Brantley Lake. A portion of the dam cam be glimpsed at far right. The lake, located on the Pecos River between Carlsbad and Artesia, New Mexico, is shaped somewhat like an hourglass, with the smaller basin at the south end by the dam and a larger but shallower basin to the north of the narrow portion of the lake. Boat ramps and courtesy docks are located on each side of the narrow part of the lake.



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