Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend update

At Heron Lake in far northern New Mexico, the New Mexico Sailing Club had five boats racing yesterday -- a Santana 20, Soling, and three cruisers including a boat with a new member couple on board. Races wound up being reach out and reach back with starts being a bit ragged or slow for a lot of folks. Handicapping will be on base Portsmouth. The weather has been alternating wind / calm / rain / odd. The Heron Lake marina now has about 32 boats in residence, with a boat on a mooring and another boat visiting the marina for the weekend. It looks as though there might also have been a boat anchoring out in a cove on the lake tonight.

I kayaked from near our cabin down the Willow Creek arm of the lake to the marina late this afternoon -- it turns out there was a potluck that had just ended as I got there. I wound up being a water taxi to bring a couple of items from the marina to Gerald and for some folks in our neighborhood.

Gerald is helping Carol Anne cook up some chicken cacciatore and we have a cozy fire in the fireplace in the den.

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