Friday, May 22, 2009

Desert Sea Blog Contents

Desert Sea Blog Contents

Boats on Heron Lake, Memorial Day Weekend
Catalina 22 “Kelpie” at Heron Lake
Laguna 25 and Beneteau First 235 at Heron Lake
Catalina 25 “Pufnstuf” at Heron Lake
“SuSea” furling sail after the last sail of the weekend
Catalina 22 “SuSea” in the distance
Scenic Heron Lake
Heron Lake Marina, May 24, 2009
Weekend update
Sailing tally update
Update from the mountains
Desert Sea Blog Contents

I, II, III, IV, or V? IV? Watch out “IV” it! Fore!...
. . . semi-technical discussion about Type IV throwable PFDs and the law
28 checks for trailer sailors before launching a boat...
safety and how-to post about launching a boat from a trailer
Etchells Black Magic at Elephant Butte Lake
. . . pretty pictures of Etchells I was racing on
Constellation and Caliente . . . pretty pictures of two Etchells
Banshee and Free and Clear
. . . pretty pictures of a dinghy and Freedom 21 (sloop)
Hot Flash and Pyrat at Elephant Butte Lake
. . . pretty pictures of a J/24 and MC Scow
Cultural Infidel at the Jack and Jill Regatta
. . . pretty pictures of a 34-foot S2
13 Lucky Charms for when the park ranger pulls alongside...
. . . safety equipment required on boats in New Mexico
Six things that went right during the Joshua Slocum...
. . . personal observations from the single-hand race
Fifteen things that bugged me during last Saturday...
. . . personal observations from the single-hand race
Spring Series 2 at Elephant Butte Lake, Day 2
Buoy 9A
Spring Series 2 at Elephant Butte Lake (I)
Spring Series 2 at Elephant Butte Lake (II)
Spring Series 2 at Elephant Butte Lake (IV)
Spring Series 2 at Elephant Butte Lake (V)
Penzance and Ribbons with Arabella at the Rock Canyon boat ramp (trailer)
Rhinos on the Rampage I, March 27, 2009 at Heron Lake
Rhinos on the Rampage III, March 27, 2009
Rhinos on the Rampage II, March 27, 2009
Rhinos on the Rampage IV, March 27, 2009
View from Laguna Vista after spring snow, March 27
der Gila Monster in Arizona
Zach Railey at the Arizona Yacht Club March 10, 2009, meeting
RGSC power boat/support boat, March 8, 2009
Nautical Gateways (Part I: Marina del Sur)
Views of the Dam Site cove at Elephant Butte Lake
Nautical Gateways (Part II: Dam Site Marina)
Nautical Gateways (Part III: Rock Canyon Marina)
Touching base...
Big Boat Regatta Weekend
The roaring ocean waves of the desert sea
The luck of the thirteenth sail of the year
Pelicans a plenty
Donated Powerboat and engine
Fred's boat
And then there were 12 …days of sailing
Update: Team Chute-Out Weekend at Elephant Butte Lake
Kilo Whiskey, April 24, 2004, Anniversary Cup
A phtographic stroll down memory lane; the 444 photo
Normal Position (Or, another reason I don't race a Laser)
Quick scorecard
Sailing at Elephant Butte Lake, Sunday, January 25, 2009
Frostbite Regatta, Elephant Butte Lake, Saturday, January 24, 2009
Kachina's big owie
Riverfront property
Sailing at Elephant Butte Lake, Friday, January 23, 2009
Thoughts from the Birthday Regatta
Room at an obstruction
Sailing at Elephant Butte Lake, Thurs., January 22, 2009
Friday Eventagram Centerboard Challenge at Lake Pleasant
Sailing Scenery at the 2009 Birthday Regatta
Hiss! A nest of Vipers in the Arizona sun
Birthday Regatta , January 17, 2009, Lake Pleasant
And more pictures from the Birthday Regatta 2009, Lake Pleasant, AZ
Birthday Regatta trip log, January 2009
This Racecourse protected by Viper
On the water at the Birthday Regatta, January 17, 2009
The Bucc starts here at the Birthday Regatta
Birthday Regatta snapshots from January 17, 2009 at Lake Pleasant
And more pix from Saturday at the AYC Birthday Regatta 2009
Arizona Yacht Club Birthday Regatta 2009
Sailing at Elephant Butte Lake, January 11, 2009
Sailing at Elephant Butte Lake, Jan. 9, 2009
January 9, 2009, at Elephant Butte Lake
More images from Elephant Butte Lake
Moon over Kettletop Mesa, Elephant Butte Lake
Rio Grande Sailing Club Events
January 4, 2009 at Elephant Butte Lake
More Sailing Photos from January 4, 2009, at Elephant Butte Lake
Sailing at Elephant Butte Lake, January 4, 2009
Sailing at Elephant Butte Lake, January 3, 2009
Sailing at Elephant Butte Lake, January 1, 2009
Christmas week in Laguna Vista, northern New Mexico
A Visit to the Chama Valley Supermarket
Inside the Chama Valley Supermarket
Chama Valley Supermarket back in operation
Elephant Butte Lake, Saturday, Dec. 20, 2008
Chama Valley Supermarket back in business
Heron Lake and Laguna Vista in the snow
Update -- Winter Solstice and Sailstice
Sailing in December at Elephant Butte Lake, Day 2
Cultural Infidel at Elephant Butte Lake, December 7, 2008
Sailing at Elephant Butte Lake, December 7, 2008
Kris Kringle Race 2008, Rio Grande Sailing Club
Nessie in the Desert; C&C29 at Elephant Butte Lake
Returning to the marina after the Kris Kringle regatta at Elephant Butte Lake
Husker's new toy
Commodore's Cup; A Quiet Day at Elephant Butte Lake
Commodore's Cup 2008, Rio Grande Sailing Club
Yet more from the would-be Commodore's Cup Regatta, November 15, 2008
Soling "Sun" at the Commodore's Cup, 2008, Elephant Butte Lake
Commodore's Cup -- Yet even more of A Quiet Day on the Water at Elephant Butte Lake
Commodore's Cup -- More of A Quiet Day at the Lake, November 15, 2008
White Thanksgiving near Heron Lake
Sailors' Rondy
Election Night
New Mexico Sailing Club marina views, November 2008
AMF Apollo sailing dinghy at New Mexico Sailing Club
Chama Valley Market
Low-profile marina anchors for the Heron Lake Marina
quick update
Sunday pre-start at the Bristol Cup Regatta 2008, Elephant Butte Lake
Bristol Cup 2008 Race 2 Start, Elephant Butte Lake
Downwind at the Bristol Cup Regatta
Oso and Five Planks Downwind at the Bristol Cup Regatta
Bristol Cup Regatta; Lost in the Bermuda Triangle
Buccaneers Raid Tempe!
Lasers put on a show at Tempe Town Lake, September 21, 2008
Tempe Town Lake Sailing, September 21, 2008
Arizona Yacht Club action at Lake Pleasant, Practice Race on September 20, 2008
The Desert Sea of Lake Pleasant, Arizona
More Arizona Yacht Club Practice Race pictures from Lake Pleasant, September 20, 2008
Arizona Yacht Club practice race at Lake Pleasant, September 20, 2008
Lake Pleasant Practice Race, September 20, 2008, Arizona Yacht Club
Lake Pleasant Practice Race, Arizona Yacht Club
Frank's Place Ia: Approaching the office
Frank's Place Ib: Office Visit
Frank's Place IIa: Exterior Views and the Prow
Frank's Place IIb: Exterior Views and the Prow
Frank's Place IIIa: Living (Garden) Room
Frank's Place IIIb: the Living Room
Frank's Place, IV: in the bedroom
Frank's Place, V: Kiva
Frank's Place VI: Between Kiva and Theater
Frank's Place VIIa: Sculpture Garden
Frank's Place VIIb: Sculpture Garden
Frank's Place VIII: Music Pavilion (Large Theater)
Frank's Place, IX: Cabaret Theater
Scenes from a Dorm Room
The reversed motorway
Arizona Mountain Scenery
Sunrise Regatta pictures from Blondie and Zorro
Coronado Optimist Sailing at the Butte
Elephant Butte Lake Laser Sailing on Sunday
Kachina and Hot Flash at the Sunrise Regatta
Caliente at the Sunrise Regatta Start
Sunrise Regatta pre-start maneuvering
Cultural Infidel, Elephant Butte Lake, Sept. 13, 2008
Scirocco's Song and the fleet at the start of the Sunrise
Bob's Colgate 26 at the Sunrise Regatta 2008
Windependent at the Sunrise Regatta
Erebus and Plan B
Shonto and the Sunrise Regatta Fleet
Desert Wind starts at the Sunrise Regatta
Salud starts the race for the Sunrise Regatta 50-mile race
The S2 starts its race
Last Boat In
Sunrise Regatta Notes
Saturday morning Laser Sailing at the Butte
Laser Youth Sailing at Elephant Butte Lake
Quick run to Elephant Butte, Sept. 9, 2008
MacGregor 26 Syyzygy leaving Heron Lake (trailer) [Syzygy]
Heron Lake and Willow Creek Cove Views from the East Meadow Trail
Hiking the East Meadow Trail, part 1
East Meadow Trail and Heron Lake State Park
At the cabin in Laguna Vista
Heron Lake, New Mexico Sailing Club "Buoy Bash"
More views of the Labor Day Weekend Buoy Bash at Heron Lake
Heron Lake Buoy Bash 2008
The tall cacti of Arizona
El Rancho Motel, Gallup
Olympic Sailing Performance
Yet More Olympic Sailing Participation Stuff
Olympic Sailing Participation
Santa Cruz Wednesday race night; sails on the water
Wednesday and the sailboats are out at Santa Cruz
How many boats sail out of Santa Cruz on a Wednesday night?
UC Santa Cruz sailing team returns to the harbor on Wednesday night
Proa Power during Wednesday night sail racing at Santa Cruz
Wanna' see some prety pictures of Santa Cruz sailing?
Absolute fun on the water at Santa Cruz
Another Santa Cruz sailing installment
Enjoy a few more shots of sailboat racing at Santa Cruz
More Santa Cruz sailboats racing on Wednesday
Up up and away to Mount McAbee and an Ocean View
Big Basin Coastal Redwood Forest
Santa Cruz Wednesday night race parade
Ketch of the Day ... Something Not so Fishy for Friday
Santa Cruz Racers ... fast boats having fun
And yet more Wednesday night sail racing in Santa Cruz
More sailboat racing action from Santa Cruz, California
Fish on Friday
Creatures from the dark lagoon
At the beach
Santa Cruz Wednesday buoy racing pictures
Concrete ship Palo Alto and the pier at Aptos, California
The rain it's plain falls mainly at Heron Lake
Cabin in Laguna Vista
United Parcel Screw-up
Red Buccaneer 6011 at Heron Lake
More marina pictures from July 6
Heron Lake Marina pictures from July 6
Forgotten marina treasures in Rutheron and marina pix
Treasures of the deep...
More Sunfishing
Leo's new MacGregor M
Shopping wish list
Blog reflection and visitor geography
Black Magic on the move on Heron Lake
Sloops crossing in the afternoon
Lochinvar starts at the Summer Breeze I regatta, Heron Lake
Shopping List (cabin near Heron Lake, New Mexico)
Highlander sails the chill waters of Lake Heron
Etchells "Black Magic" approaches the finish at Heron Lake
23 By Accident, 24 from Zero to 40-Plus with Zorro
Sailing the Olympic Circle at Heron Lake
Course Guide, New Mexico Sailing Club Racing
Attachment B, Heron Lake Race Course
Black Magic heads for the Narrows and Heron Lake Marina
Heron Lake and Sailing Scenery [*]
Lochinvar approaches the finish line
Sunfish number four sails to the marina
Sailing is such hard work
Lazy Sunfish Sailing
Splashing a Sunfish
Summer Breeze Series Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions
Sailing goal-like-thingies
Windependent approaches the Anniversary Cup finish line at Elephant Butte Lake
Mission Improbably
Cultural Infidel at the Anniversary Cup, 2008
Erebus, Hunter 28 at the Anniversary Cup Regatta
Hardware wanted
Colgate 26
Windpendent at Rest
Flames, Dynamite, and Death in the Chama Valley
Sunset Sail on Heron Lake
Sunset Sail, Heron Lake, New Mexico
Coronado Optimist Sailing Club at Cochiti Lake
Diary and Heron Lake Adventures
Frustrating But Satisfying
Mallory Cup Photos from Elephant Butte Lake
Summary for the Mallory Championships at Elephant Butte
Lessons Learned from the Mallory Championships at Elephant Butte
Data from the Mallory Championships at Elephant Butte
Retrieving an Etchells Sailboat up a boat ramp with a boat trailer
Retrieving an Etchells Sailboat up a boat ramp with a boat trailer (2nd part)
Hitching up the Etchells and her sailboat trailer
Etchells sailboat trailer details
How to retrieve an Etchells sailboat up a boat ramp with a trailer
Trailer Sailor images -- Chuck's trailer
Trailer Sailor Images -- Cranky Winch led to her trailer
The Graduate -- Strange powers only hinted at
Alternative Transportation
View from Aloft at Rock Canyon Marina
Lake Level Update, Tuesday, May 13, 2008
A different view at Rock Canyon Marina, Elephant Butte Lake
View from the Top at Rock Canyon Marina
Waves at Elephant Butte, weekend of April 19
Quick update from a rising lake
Starting Signals (1)
Starting Signals (2)
Starting Signals (3)
The Club and the Race Committee
Racers and the Race Committee
Signals During Racing (1)
Signals During Racing (2)
What is a Rule?
Numeral Pennants
When do the racing rules apply?
Lake Update
Committee boat position on the starting line
So what if the start line's a little crooked...
Deadly Sins of Race Management
Bilder von Gerhardt/Pictures from Gerald
Who Owns Sailboat Racing?
Elephant Butte and Heron Lake Update
Weekend updates
Heron Lake Marina, New Mexico, in snow and ice
Laguna Vista, Five O'Clock Somewhere cabin in the snow
Turkeys in the snow
Pre-Start at the Chute-Out, Rio Grande Sailing Club
Scenes from before the start of the Chute-Out
Kachina under spinnaker, Chute-Out Regatta
Constellation at the Chute-Out, February 23, 2008
Erebus at the Chute Out Regatta, Elephant Butte Lake
Bounding over the waves, Kachina and Constellation
Penultimate Photos from the Chute-Out: Kachina in profile
Final batch of pictures from the Chute-out
Chute-Out Weekend and Day 4
quickie update
Doldrums of January and Day Three
Eagle Man [scouting]
Project Boat?
New Mexico Sailing Clubs, Yacht Clubs, and Boat Clubs
New Mexico Sailing Organizations
Other New Mexico Boating-Related Organizations
New Mexico Commercial Boating Service
Quick New Mexico Lake and Sailing Update
Beneteau 235 looking for a home
Winter Scenery near Heron Lake
Double Spouts (train)
Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad in Winter
more Chama Choo Choo photos
Brazos Cliffs, New Mexico, Winter Majesty
Heron Lake, New Mexico, winter view
Heron Lake Marina, evening of December 28, 2007
Talking Turkey for the Holidays
Navidad en Nuevo Mexico
Quick Lake Update
Alien Shellfish Invade Arizona
Swimming Boats: It's 5 PM: Do you know what your boat is doing?
Cookies for Sailors, Aaargh, Matey
New Mexico Sailing Club 2007 Retrospective [Sailing]
Meet Our New Commodore; New Mexico Sailing Club
New Mexico Sailing Club 2008 Membership
The Sailboat Regatta Scale
Race Equipment Checklist
Why Sailboats Sink (Boat US)
Scenic View, Rock Canyon Cove and Kettletop Mesa
Etchells 438 "Intrepid" leaves the water
Proof: On Average, the Winds Are Perfect at Elephant Butte Lake
Holiday light parade on the water at Elephant Butte Lake
Classy Lamp?
New Mexico Sailing Club Past Commodores
We the People Aftermath -- why "Tadpole" didn't crew for the regatta on December 1st
Heron Lake, NM, Saturday, December 2
Mastering the new mast; launching a sailboat with a big trailer extension, part 1 (trailer)
Positioning Windependent and rigging; launching a sailboat with a big trailer extension part 2 (trailer)
Positioning Windependent and rigging; launching a sailboat with a big trailer extension part 2
Sailboat launching with a big trailer extension, part 3: messing around with the mast
Sailboat launching with a large trailer extension; 4: Hitching up to move out from the mast pole
Launching a sailboat with a large trailer extension; 5. Moving the rigged boat from the mast-up pole
6. Sailboat launching with a large trailer extension; hitching up the extension
7b Launching a sailboat with a large trailer extension; at the top of the ramp
7b. Launching a sailboat with a large trailer extension; heading down the ramp
8. Windependent backs down the ramp; sailboat launching with a big trailer extension
9 To the water's edge; at the bottom of the boat ramp
Down Windependent's mast
Windpendent travels to Rock Canyon (1)
Windpendent travels to Rock Canyon (2)
Windependent's new home at Rock Canyon
Elephant Butte Lake scenery, November 11 [Butte]
Laguna Vista scenery, November 25
Race Committee Equipment Inventory
Solo Sail, Elephant Butte Lake
Solo sail and Cultural Infidel astern
Snow at Heron Lake Marina, New Mexico
Thanksgiving at the Heron Lake Marina, New Mexico
Windependent returns to the Lake; launching a large keelboat (trailer)
Windependent reaches the water's edge after a year on land (trailer)
Windependent Launched, Elephant Butte Lake (trailer)
Quick Update
A Star Is Enshrined
End of season, Heron Lake Marina, New Mexico Sailing Club
Connecting Walkway
Scenic Heron Lake, New Mexico
Sunset at Heron Lake Marina
CA on genoa trim, Saturday, Oct. 28, 2007, Elephant Butte
View from the Dam Site marina
Rags (Cap'n Groovy's Rhodes 19) at Elephant Butte
Halloween Regatta, Oct. 28, 2007, Elephant Butte Lake, NM
Desert Classic Regatta/Fall Series 1, 2007
Constellation at the Desert Classic Regatta, Elephant Butte Lake
Constellation at the Desert Classic Regatta, Sept. 22-23, 2007
Governor's Cup Regatta, Rio Grande Sailing Club
Weather and Lake Conditions, Wednesday, October 17, 2007
Elephant Butte Lake Still Life, October 14, 2007
Ghost Ranch Scenery near Abiquiu, New Mexico
New Mexico Sailing Club work party at Heron Lake
Heron Lake Marina work party, Oct. 13, 2007
The Thing, aka Pat's trimaran
Start of the Sunrise Regatta
Sunrise First Beat, J24 Coyote
More Sunrise Regatta 2007 pix, J24s Kachina and Oso
Elephant Butte lake level, Heron Lake level
Scenery near Ghost Ranch and Abiquiu Lake
Governor's Cup regatta, October 14, Elephant Butte Lake
Results of the Heron Lake work party on October 13
Yet still even more Sunrise Regatta pix: First Beat
Heron Lake water use basics
Weather forecast for Elephant Butte Lake this weekend
Sailing Club Responsibility?
Heron and Elephant Butte Lake Levels
Sunrise Registration
Local Sailing Calendar and Weekend Update
New Mexico Sailing Club, Heron Lake update
Yes, it was a busy weekend
Sunrise Regatta action at Mark 4
Pre-Sunrise Regatta fotos from Husker
Quick Weekend Update
Mid-Race, Sunrise Regatta
Oso, Sunrise Regatta 2007
Thursday, October 04, 2007
Scirocco Sleigh Ride I: Fast Downwind
Scirocco Sleigh Ride II: Sunrise Regatta 2007
Just call us RESCUE 911...
MacGuy's Regatta Trophy ... earned the hard way
Rock Canyon Courtesy Dock Scene
Up, up, and... back down the mast
Sunrise Regatta Awards Ceremony at the Dam Site
Sunrise Pre-Start part 7, Elephant Butte Lake, New Mexico
Pre-start, 6, more boats
Sunrise Regatta Pre-Start, 5: Fast Boats
Pre-start, 4, J24s and more
Was it windy enough?
Sunrise pre-start, part 3; West Mesa J24 and Etchells "Constellation"
Pre-start part 2; Bob and William's buckaroo ride
Sunrise Regatta, Elephant Butte Lake, September 29, 2007
Sunrise Regatta pre-start, part 1
Rio Grande Sailing Club, 1972 Charter (Constitution)
NMSC volunteers wanted, lake conditions
Elephant Butte and Heron Lakes
New Mexico Sailing Club volunteers needed
New Mexico Sailing Club and Heron Lake update
Return from the mountain
Lake Level Look -- Elephant Butte and Heron Lakes
Dillon Open Race Management Lessons
After the Dillon Open Regatta, Saturday evening
Sailing the Dillon Open, Saturday 4 August 2007
Sailing back to our slip at the Frisco Marina
Just a little snack to begin the regatta weekend...
Snipes Alive! Final Day of US Snipe National Regatta
North from the 38th Parallel
South Park to Buena Vista and the Collegiate Peaks
Over the Top: Hoosier Pass, Colorado
Snipe Hunt in the Rockies! Snipe sailing championships
A day on the lake at Dillon
A View of Cherry Creek Lake and Marina, Colorado
Heron Lake sailing, July 2007
More pictures from Dillon; View from a small kayak
Do you dream...
Heron and Elephant Butte Lake Level Updates
Calendar extension
Volunteers, on and off the water
weekend plans and beyond
Heron Lake Marina, July 14, 2007
Calendar update
"Facilities" near Heron Lake Marina
Generic update...
Willow Creek boat ramp, Heron Lake, New Mexico, NMSC
Heron Lake, mast raising pole and Willow Creek boat ramp
Sunfish on parade
Heron Lake Marina views; dinghies n docks
Sailing Update
Elephant Butte and Heron Lake Update
Etchells 125 "Black Magic" at Heron Lake
Heron Lake Marina Views, weekend of June 16, 2007
Heron Lake Sunset and Etchells Black Magic under sail
Heron Lake Sunfish Fiesta and Dinghy Daze
Hasta La Vista, El Caballero
Sailing scorecard update
So long to one lake, hello to another
Carter Lake Open, 2007, Carter Lake Sailing Club, Colorado
Carter Lake Sailing Club, Colorado, June 2-3, 2007
Proper and Improper Display
How Aggies Sail in the Desert
Still alive...
Elephant Butte technical update and history
Heron Lake Update...
On the water
Bits and pieces, for the record
Heron Lake photos from Karen
False Alarm
Flashback: Embarrassing Sailing Moment
Updates after a weekend in the Great White North
More Etchells USA 125 pictures from our Sunday morning departure
Setting off for the race, April 15, 2007
Constellation departs for the race ... slowly
Winter Lingers at Heron Lake, New Mexico
Score card
schedule of New Mexico safe boating classes
Rio Grande Sailing Club update
New Mexico Sailing Club Roundup
Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions - DRAFT
views from a kayak, Elephant Butte Lake, March 15
Rest in Peace, Tres cat
Mandatory lifejackets? Maybe not.
Beyond the Rules: Is is Safe? Is it Right?
Elephant Butte Lake and Weather Conditions
Draft Sailing Instructions, Rio Grande Sailing Club Spring Series 2007
Spring Series Draft Notice of Race
RGSC March 10 Meeting Minutes Draft
Draft Rio Grande Sailing Club Announcements
Four days and four nights
A busy year ahead
Melting Ice at Heron Lake -- N.M. Parks Press Release [Presss]
Oh no not another learning experience!
Monday morning pictures of Heron Lake, New Mexico
Fun and Mayhem on the Lake
Spring Runoff Begins in the High Country
new picture of Heron Lake, March 2007
Scott and Daria's beautiful Etchells, USA 667
A A-B Walkway Culprit
Pete's pix of the Heron Lake Marina, March 4, 2007
On average he was perfect, but he sure wasn't average.
Fire in the hole!
Last photos from the Marina Cup race
Black Magic at the Marina Cup Race
Rio Grande Marina Cup news
The race begins; Rio Grande Marina Challenge Cup at Elephant Butte Lake
Lake conditions at Elephant Butte and Heron lakes, New Mexico
View from the committee boat
Snow Day
A weekend at the club ... studying (Houston, TX)
Overcast skies, but nice boats (Houston, TX)
Weekend Outline
Anticipating the shift
Sailing near Rock Canyon Marina, Elephant Butte Lake
Elephant Butte Lake in Winter
Sail ahoy!
Snow in Truth or Consequences?
Sailing with Seymour Junior and Co., Elephant Butte Lake
Plunged into ... nope, won't fit
Sunday at the lake
Sunday boat projects at the lake
Flotsam and jetsam of Friday and Saturday.
Weekend approach
Ahhh, how cute... and, look, it wants to follow us home.
Two sailboats... how different can they be?
Feline Repose
Lake Scenery
A couple more weekend reflections.
Mostly Dry
Winter Wonderland ... in southern New Mexico, huh?
Pop! goes the riveter
Weekend at the lake; boat fiddling
We didn't spend much for the yule holiday....
Water in the desert
New Year's Greetings
The Snow Keeps Falling
boating classes in New Mexico
weekend update and lake conditions
Visit to Heron Lake, New Mexico Sailing Club marina in winter mode
Heron Lake Marina checkup
New Mexico Lake Level Update
Halyard block project
Yep, we were at the sailing club party ...
Heron and Elephant Butte Lakes
Commodore's Corner, New Mexico Sailing Club
Quickie Elephant Butte Lake update
Nice wind for sailing... if your boat is up for it.
Sailing Club Websites back up
RGSC update and announcements
women's sailing and Etchells fleet in formation
Potential sailing dates
New Mexico Lakes: Better Wet Than Drained
Weekend update ... it's been busy.
Thermocouples and wind shifts
Quick lake update for New Mexico sailors
Anticipation... or what to do when ten tons of stuff is about to fall into your lap.
Now we're at Heron Lake
Etchellian repair thoughts
The boatyard calleth...
New Mexico Sailing Club, Heron Lake update
Rio Grande Sailing Club update
Sitting on the dock to wait for our ship...
New Mexico lake update
Elephant Butte Lake after Sunday sailing
Heron Lake Marina, late in the season
Mustang Navy, Friday, September 29, 2006, Cochiti Lake
Lake Update
Elephant Butte Lake, Etchells photos taken Sept. 23
USA 125 Black Magic, Saturday, Sept. 23 at Elephant Butte Lake
Quickie weekend sailing update; pleasant weather at Elephant Butte Lake
New Mexico Lake Water Levels including Elephant Butte and Heron Lakes, September 25, 2006
Something's different about this picture... (water ballast boat on keelboat trailer for centerboard work)
Weekend miscellany and lake conditions
Sunrise Regatta, Elephant Butte Lake, New Mexico
Leader of the pack ... temporarily
Elephant Butte and Heron Lakes: still on the rise
Musings on the past weekend
What to do on a rainy afternoon at Heron Lake
Sunday at Heron Lake: Black Magic on her way out of the lake (trailer)
Black Magic returns to Elephant Butte (trailer)
More fish n scouts
Sunfish n Scouts; weekend of August 26, 2007 [date error]
Friday, September 01, 2006
Last days of the season...
Moonlight on the Water
When is your boat too small…
Sailing champions unless....
Thought for the day (Sterling Hayden)
Elephant Butte Rises and the Sunrise Too
Recruiting for Crew and Drinking Crew Slots, Sunrise Regatta
Team Accomplishments, August 11-18
Desert Sailing: Heel Angle Question
Southward sailing safari
Rainy days mean wet lakes
Frustration in the High School Schedule Jungle
Sunday recap
4316, or the ups and downs of a New Mexico Lake
Tadpole's schedule
New Mexico rainy days and lake conditions.
Lessons Learned from Dillon
Back from the Lake of the Mountain Sailor Kings
Snipe Swipeout!
New water for New Mexico lakes
Boats in the Dillon Open, so far
Monday at Lake Dillon
Dillon update
Lake conditions way down south New Mexico way,
Sunday bath morning at Dillon Lake
Snipe Start!
Pictures from our Sunday sail at Lake Dillon, CO
Arrival in Dillon
Preparations and Conditions
Black Magic at Heron Llake
View from afloat
Heron Lake, scenery seen from afloat
A quick run to the lake
A run for the lake
The gift of rain
Friday, July 7 quick New Mexico lake update
weekend and holiday mini-update
Holiday Update and New Mexico Lake Conditions
New Mexico Lake and Weather Conditions, Sailing
Monday, Monday..
Lake Conditions and Update
Excuses to go sailing?
New Mexico Lake Conditions
Social and Club Cruise Announcements
New Mexico Sailing Club and Heron Lake Update
end of the weekend and back to the big 'burque...
Quick Lake Update
Dumbledore and Mother's Almost Excellent Adventure Abroad
Travelin' man
Marinas in the Desert Seas
June 7, 2006, Lake Update
s/v Black Magic arrives at Heron Lake
Lake Conditions at Elephant Butte Lake, NM
Heron Lake, Sunday, June 4
Elephant Butte Lake Conditions and Predictions
Poetry Corner: Merle Travis/Tennessee Ernie Ford
Quick Update
Anniversary Cup 8: The last few miles
Anniversary Cup 7, Black Magic under spinnaker
Anniversary Cup 6, The Hunter gets back in the hunt
Anniversary Cup 5, Black Magic Southbound
Anniversary Cup 3: Southbound from the mark
Anniversary Cup 2: the fleet approaches the far mark, slowly
Anniversary Cup I: Black Magic sets sail
Joshua Slocum single-hand race, May 13
How many strings to pull on an Etchells?
Heron Lake new A Dock, evening visit
Boat Trailer in progress
Political thoughts
Here a lake there a lake
Weekend blur
Weekend wrap: messing around with boats and floats
Take dis mast and ... Timberrr!!! (society of the shattered spar)
Lake and Sailing Update
Man lifts or man shadows?
road warrior, our first race on Black Magic
New Mexico Sailing Club, Friday, El Dorado Community Center, Work Party on Saturday
Heron Lake, New Mexico Sailing Club update
Weekend of April 15 at Elephant Butte Lake
weekend update
More pictures of an Etchells sailboat trailer
Larry's Etchells trailer
Fits Like A Glove - NOT
Launching "Black Magic" at Elephant Butte Lake, March 26
Lake Levels and updates
Black Magic Sunday; the Etchells sails on Elephant Butte Lake
A (magical) day at the lake
New Mexico Sailing Club Marina update
Lake levels in New Mexico
New Mexico Sailing Club update
Rio Grande Sailing Club update
weekend weather outlook
Frustrating Weekend
At what point does the Committee cancel the race?
Windy Weekend Alert
Aquatic depression designed as receptacle for excess cash:
weather predictions for Elephant Butte
California Dreaming; Sunday on the Coast
Back from the Left Coast: Friday and Saturday in Ventura
Surf's Up, Dudes
Race Committee Boat Visitors Guide
A calmer weekend ... can be a good thing.
Sailing Philosophies and Sailing Full Circle
Tough Times on the Committee Boat and Tricky Wind
Landlubbers' Lies and Sailors' Yarns
Gerald brings Pat to the ramp, Saturday, Feb. 11
Part I, Elephant Butte women's sailing, Feb. 11, 2006
Carol Anne's trophy
Heron Lake Marina, January 15, 2006
Weekend update, Elephant Butte Lake before Lover's Day
Volunteers needed for Adams Cup Regatta, April 21 - 23, 2006
New Mexico Sailing Club update
this week's update
weekend of February 4
Sailing the Ditch, Chapter III: Lake Ponchatrain, Louisiana to Apalachicola, Florida
Sailing the Ditch on Spirit Song, Chapter 3 Part 2
Sailing the Ditch, Chapter 3 Part 3, Pensacola onward
Spirit Song Sails the Ditch, Chapter 3 Part 4
Motorist Alert!
Weekend wrap
Brushy Point - Island View Cove
Slip fee waivers for the NMSC ... good or bad idea?
Home is the sailor... where is home?
Wacky Weekend
Blog blitzed by bug - - no not that kind
NMSC Commodores Roster
Tribal Wisdom of Ancient Mariners Redux
Our Neighbors' Surprise Visitor
Chapter IV, Part 1. Tarpon Springs to Tampa Bay
Chapter IV, Part 2. To Fort Myers
Chapter IV, Part 3. East Through the Swamp
Chapter IV, Part 4. South to Miami
Chapter IV, Part 5. Miami to Marathon
Chapter IV, Part 6. Marathon and Back
Chapter IV, Part 7. Key West and the Voyage Home
A Remedy for the Cares of Land
Port Isabel photos, December 28, 2005
Corpus Christi photos
A 2006 Budget Proposal, New Mexico Sailing Club
FAQs for a Sailing Club Budget Presentation
Lake conditions and NMSC updates
Dangerous Curves
More trip photos - visit to Richie Byrnes and cousins
New Year's Eve in Clear Lake, Remedy and friends
more trip notes
though i walk through the shadow of the boatyard i shall fear no large object shall follow us home to nuevo mexico
New Mexico Sailing Club basic information
2005 year in review
Tentative New Mexico Sailing Club schedule for 2006, Heron Lake
NMSC boat census (for marina planning)
e-mail to New Mexico State Parks re marina
Dockmaster Duties and Comments for Heron Lake Marina, New Mexico Sailing Club
EZ Dock Proposal to replace Heron Lake marina, New Mexico Sailing Club
Heron Lake, New Mexico, and other area lake info., December 4, 2005 data
A Dock Proposal from ShoreMaster
Rio Grande Sailing Club Kris Kringle Race, Dec. 3 - 4, 2005
Kris Kringle Fun Race, Elephant Butte Lake, RGSC
Whisper - part III
Sail Whisper part 2
Sail Whisper
View from the back porch in Laguna Vista
Heron Lake Marina, Nov. 13, 2005 - New Mexico Sailing Club
Rio Grande Sailing Club fall regatta: Kachina, The Hunter, Big Talker
J 22's at Elephant Butte Lake, Fall Regatta, November 5-6, 2005
Cultural Infidel, S2 34 at Elephant Butte Lake
Rio Grande Sailing Club, November 5, 2005, Etchells 22 "Constellation"
How we got our boat
Not Quite the Making of a Sailor
Thursday, October 27, 2005 (Heron Lake Marina closed)
New Mexico Sailing Club Boat Census by Size
First boats and heavy cross - South Padre Island
Windrider Rendezvous, Elephant Butte Lake, NM, continued
Windrider Rendezvous, Elephant Butte Lake, NM
MacGregor sailboat for sale (not mine)
diary-like stuf
Rio Grande Sailing Club Cruise Poll
Friday, October 14, 2005
Thursday, October 13, 2005
Rio Grande Sailing Club: ideas to promote sailing
Rio Grande Sailing Club: NMSU College sailing lessons cancelled, for the moment:
New Mexico Sailing Club basic info
New Mexico Sailing Club Marina Renovation
New Mexico lake conditions, Friday Oct. 7, 2005 (Rio Grande Basin)
Heron Lake, New Mexico Sailing Club, Sat. Oct. 1, 2005
Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Sunrise Regatta Results
Sunrise II photos 7, Rio Grande Sailing Club, Elephant Butte Lake NM
Rio Grande Sailing Club, Sunrise photos 6
Sunrise II photos 5, Rio Grande Sailing Club
Sailing in New Mexico?
Sunrise photos 4, Elephant Butte Lake, RGSC, 2005-09-18
Sunrise photos 3, Rio Grande Sailing Club, Elephant Butte
Sunrise Regatta Photos 2, RGSC, Sept. 18, 2005, Elephant Butte Lake
Sunrise Regatta photos, Elephant Butte Lake, Rio Grande Sailing Club
Socorro Springs Brew Pub, Socorro, New Mexico
Friday, September 16, 2005 New Mexico Sailing Club membership
Rio Grande Sailing Club burgee and membership form
Sailboat flag signals for racers
Sunrise Regatta, September 17, Elephant Butte Lake
Thursday, September 15, 2005 “Why I Race” and “How to Get a Free Ride”
Katrina storm story
Wednesday, September 14, 2005 “Density and weight of materials”
Shroyer Center Inc. minutes, April 2003, Laguna Vista, New Mexico
Shroyer Center Inc. (SCI) newsletter April 2004, Laguna Vista, New Mexico, Rio Arriba County
sailing & travel excerpts from Dec. 2004 letter
Monday, September 12, 2005
New Orleans: Political Thugs
Friday, September 02, 2005 “Credit should be given to the Texans this week”
Heron Lake marina, New Mexico Sailing Club, Aug. 28
New Mexico Sailing Club, August 26, 2005, slip priority
New Mexico Sailing Club, Heron Lake Marina Details
New Mexico Sailing Club - marina, August 2005, Heron Lake
Then: Heron Lake marina in mid-April 2005, New Mexico Sailing Club
NMSC Heron Lake Marina Weekend of August 19--21
Chama Valley services
New Mexico Sailing Club, Heron Lake marina update
New Mexico Sailing Club marina at Heron Lake, New Mexico
2005, August 8, Monday; El Presidente Bush plus boat in water
Thursday update, August 4
Philmont photo with Gerald
Praha -- svatebni' fotos z Phil & Barbara
Marina at Lake Heron
End of July, 2005
Catalina Cruise, Part 6 (passage to San Pedro)
Catalina Cruise, Part 5 (Newport)
Catalina Cruise, Part 4 (Passage to Newport)
Catalina Cruise, Part 3
Catalina Cruise 2005, Part 2
Catalina Cruise 2005, Part 1
Prague, language – [Czech] seafaring terms
Prague, language – [Czech] musical terms
Prague, language thoughts
Prague, some phrases and a menu
Prague trip report, part 14, more photos
Prague, part 13: more photos
Prague, part 12: more photos
Prague Trip Report, Part 11: Traveler info
Prague Trip Report, Part 10: Boating info
Prague Trip Report, Part 9
Prague Trip Report, Part 8
Prague Trip Report, Part 7
Prague Trip Report, Part 6 (more Big 5th Day)
Prague Trip Report, Part 5 (more Big 5th Day)
Prague Trip Report, Part 3
Prague Trip Report, Part 2
Trip Report, part 1: Prague, Czech Republic, May 1–8, 2005
Cottonwood Chainsaw Carnage
Desert Sea



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