Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sailing tally update

As of May 25, 2009, the sailing tally for the year so far stands at

20 days sailing including
9 days of racing (Frostbite, Team Chute-Out,
SS1 Sat., SS1 Sun., SS1 Sat., SS2 Sun., SS3 Sat., SS3 Sun., Slocum)

Statistic -- as of February 16 we'd sailed 13 out of the first 47 days of the year (28%), but from Feb. 17 through May 25 we only sailed 7 days out of 98 (7%) -- four times less often... ouch!

Since mid-February we've NOT had a even one single day of sailing practice or recreational sailing (except for a few hours one day of me shuttling the boat between marinas). That's really terrible and bad for our skills; we're not at a level where we can quit practicing and expect to perform at the same level. We've probably stagnated and been set back. It's not fun racing if we can't practice, sail with better sailors, and improve. With the way things have been going (or NOT going), I think Carol Anne is pretty disappointed with the whole sailboat racing idea. Watching all the boats sailing away without her the morning of the Jack and Jill regatta was particularly awful and discouraging for her.

6 days race committee

4 days+ kayaking

Nautical days
Jan. 1, Thurs., "football break with Zorro"
Jan. 3, Sat., with Ribbons & crew on Caliente
Jan. 4, Sun., long day with two trips out on Constellation and long trip up to Monticello and Barney's
Jan. 9, Fri., fairly long trip north on Constellation
Jan. 11, Sun., lighter air, Constellation
Jan. 15, Fri., Evantagram Centerboard Regatta, Lake Pleasant, RC
Jan. 16, Sat., AYC 49th Birthday Regatta, RC
Jan. 17, Sun., AYC Birthday Regatta, RC
Jan. 22, Thu., ferry Black Magic north from Marina del Sur to Rock Canyon
Jan. 23, Fri., tuning Black Magic with Zorro on Constellation
Jan. 24, Sat., Frostbite Regatta, 3 races, redress after going to get aid for holed J/24, also skipper/crew meeting and evening club meeting/awards presentation
Jan. 25, Sun., ferry Black Magic back south to mast up, plus kayaking in the waves
Feb. 7-8 ?
Feb. 13, Fri., solo sail to ferry Black Magic north
Feb. 14, Sat., team chute out
Feb. 15, Sun., nice sail, 12th day of sailing
Feb. 16, Mon., President's Day, broke tiller while sailing Black Magic south with Husker and Carol Anne -- lucky 13th day of sailing
Feb. 20-21 ?? (broken tiller, no one to sail with)
Feb. 27-28??
Mar. 7, Big Boat regatta, motored Syzygy as RC, CA on Windependent, too windy
Mar. 8, successful this time with Big Boat Regatta, Pat RC
Mar. 14-15?
Mar. 21, Sat., Spring Series 1 -- lots of short races (Holden/Zink/Strasia protest)
Mar. 22, Sun., Spring Series 1 -- lots more short races
March 28 -- retrieved Rhinos from south cove via shore
April 4 -- marina work at Heron?
April 11, Pickle Race, very windy, only two boats braved the conditions
April 12, Easter?
April 18, Spring Series 2 -- Marty r.c. with boat trouble (we were only Etchells)
April 19, Spring Series 2 -- Marty r.c.
April 24-27, long weekend at Heron, 3 days kayaking to retrieve Rhinos plus Sat. B dock work party
May 2, Sat., Spring Series 3 (Alan, Oso)
May 3, Sun., Spring Series 3 (Alan, Oso)
May 10, Sat., Slocum single-hand (put Black Magic away because we though CA had a boat to crew on for the Jack and Jill on Sunday)
May 11, Sun. Race committee -- Carol Anne was stranded and didn't get to sail (no Etchells showed up to race)
May 18-19, remained home in Abq.
May 25-27, Memorial Day weekend, hung around Heron Lake

Because of finances (tight, and we're trying to sell our MacGregor), schedule (a possible trip abroad, at least for Gerald with part of the family, plus activities scheduled this summer at the Butte), and some changes in how things are done at Heron, we don't have boats in the water at the Heron Marina for this summer. However, I've done some kayaking there and we might eventually do some dinghy sailing or sailing on other people's boats at Heron.

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