Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Heron Lake and Willow Creek Cove Views from the East Meadow Trail

At the beginning of the East Meadow Trail, hikers can glimpse the main body of Heron Lake. Later, views open up of Willow Creek Cove and the Willow Creek segment of the lake.

Sharp-eyed viewers may be able to discern a sailboat between the mouth of Willow Creek and the marina, which is owned and operated by the New Mexico Sailing Club.

The East Meadow Trail provides occasional views of the Heron Lake Marina.

From marker 4, hikers can peek beyond the scrub oak and juniper trees at Willow Creek Cove.

From the trail, the south end of Willow Creek Cove is visible, along with part of the marina, the east end of the Narrows, and Willow Creek's entry into the cove.


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