Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How to retrieve an Etchells sailboat up a boat ramp with a trailer

In this view, the International Etchells USA 125 "Black Magic" is all ready to go up the boat ramp to her space in the mast up lot. After hauling the boat and trailer up the ramp on a long rope, we chocked the trailer wheels, backed the truck down to within a few inches of the trailer and attached safety chains. The launch rope was removed from the trailer frame and truck frame and stowed in the truck.

Then we jacked the front end of the trailer up enough so we could remove the third, launch wheel from its axle and stow it on the trailer. Backing the truck up the last few inches, we then connected the trailer hitch to the hitch ball on the truck and moved the trailer a few inches forward so that the chocks could be removed readily.

International Etchells "Black Magic" in space number one at the mast-up storage lot.

Black Magic's neighbor, "White Lightnin", which has a somewhat different style of trailer.


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