Monday, October 15, 2007

Results of the Heron Lake work party on October 13

View of the long truss on B dock south. Note the dip caused by bending. Workers found a piece of old cross-truss that had once connected the centers of A and B docks. This piece is hanging from a rope on B south, and goes down into the water toward the new A dock, where the piece of cross truss is connected to a piece of long truss from the old A dock. That piece of long truss goes down into the mud.

The trusses on B and C docks are being swung up in case the marina touches bottom next spring when contractors remove the last of their annual allocation of water before spring runoff begins. To remove the trusses, volunteers from the New Mexico Sailing Club removed a bolt just below water level at each finger pier corner, and loosened a lower bolt. When all the bolts were removed or loosened, the workers used the crane and winch on the work barge to swing up the long truss.

Close view of B south, showing long truss swung up and supported by encased foam floats.

A dock and a portion of the marina pavilion can be seen at left; to the right can be seen B dock and the Narrows beyond it. Near the center of the picture can be seen the B dock south long truss, floating to the south of the B south finger piers.

B and C docks at the Heron Lake Marina as the marina is prepared for winter shutdown. At the left edge can be seen the long trusses, which have been swung up and placed on floats for the winter. This was the last day of dockmaster duty at the marina. A few boats remain in the marina, including Rich Koch's Highlander on B dock, and a couple of Sunfish dinghies at the bottom of the picture.


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