Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Pre-Sunrise Regatta fotos from Husker

Before and after the Sunrise Regatta, the Rock Canyon courtesy dock was a beehive of rigging activity. After the regatta, boats were rafted two and three deep at the dock. "Husker" took this series of shots before the regatta began. Although it isn't obvious from these views, winds were exceed 20 mph with gusts occasionally exceeding 30 mph during the start of the races.

"Weatherman" prepares the Santana 2023R, "Cougar of the Lake", for the race.

"Mother" and students from the West Mesa Naval Jr. ROTC program rig J24s.

View from the end of the courtesy dock at Rock Canyon ramp, Elephant Butte Lake State Park.

Boats begin to maneuver before the start of the Sunrise Regatta. The high winds kept boats moving fast and covering lots of territory.


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