Monday, October 08, 2007

Quick Weekend Update

This past weekend we were at Heron.

On Saturday, Gerald and I helped out with a work party. The work party got another float under the dockhouse, and installed a knee brace at the base of C dock. I also worked on the
"trimaran", which is to be the float base of the gangway extension. All the floats are now assembled and needed now is some cross-connection and decking, plus supports for the gangway that's to be placed upon it.

We also removed our MacGregor 26, Syzygy, and two Sunfish. On Sunday, in addition to more marina work, we removed two more Sunfish, two kayaks, a rowboat, and a styrofoam Snark. If you count all these craft, that's nine boats that we removed during the weekend.

With about 8 other sailboats removed from the marina this weekend, the marina is down to just about 24 boats (plus still two of our Sunfish).

Next weekend will be the last dockmaster weekend and the weekend after that will be the date of a work party to shut down the marina. So, I expect a lot of the remaining boats to disappear next weekend.

In the meantime, we should be at Elephant Butte next weekend, October 13-14, which is the date of the Rio Grande Sailing Club Governor's Cup regatta. The 10:30 skipper/crew meeting on Saturday will be at Casa Taco. Racing will be buoy racing on both Saturday and Sunday.

Weather is forecast for a high temperature of 82 F, low 56 F, partially sunny with about a 20% chance of rain and winds from the south-southwest.

Wildlife are on the move in northern New Mexico; we saw mule deer (30 feet from us as we returned to our cabin as well as elsewhere), elk, and a coyote.


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