Friday, August 24, 2007

Rio Grande Sailing Club, 1972 Charter (Constitution)

Here's one of the oldest documents I've been able to find from the history of the Rio Grande Sailing Club. This 1972 charter (constitution) contains some interesting differences from the current club constitution and by-laws.

For example, the board of directors back then comprised the officers (commodore, vice commodore, secretary-treasurer, and past commodore) and fleet captains. Nowadays the board is separate from the officers and the officers have no vote on the board (except the commodore to break a tie). The secretary and treasurer are separate offices now, and the past commodore isn't counted as an officer.

Also interesting is Article II, Purpose of the Organization. Among its statements are, "to provide, through purchase or lease, property for Club uses; and to encourage the development of more adequate boat storage and dock facilities."

Also, fleets could be formed on any basis, not just geography. So, any group of 10 or more members could band together as a fleet and lay claim to a portion of the club's membership dues for their use. They could be members of a one-design fleet, a group of Parrothead cruisers, ham radio operators, dog lovers, or any old group of people.

One of the old sections appears to be mis-numbered (the 2nd VIII should be XIII) and I need to re-scan I section.


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