Thursday, August 09, 2007

New Mexico Sailing Club and Heron Lake update

If you haven't been by the marina lately, come take a look.
The lake looks very nice right now.

(1) How did work parties and things turn out while I was in Colorado? What most urgently needs to be done? We got by the lake briefly on Monday to bring Carol Anne's boat back from Colorado, but didn't linger long. What interesting things have people been doing? What stories can you tell and what news do you have for the Spinnaker Sheet and e-mail updates?

(2) An idea that's been percolating ... I'd like to install a portable handwashing station in the pavillion. Typically, handwashing stations are made of heavy plastic, and have a 20- to 40-gallon freshwater tank, similar size gray water tank, foot pump that pumps 2 ounces of water per stroke, sink or dual sinks, and usually soap and towel dispensers. Sinks typically get about a dozen handwashes per gallon. I've requested quotes and info from several manufacturers (Five Peaks Technologies, Hampel Corp, Poly John Enterprises, Satellite Industries, Tuff-Jon, Quadel).

(3) Tad's boy scout troop will be up the weekend of August 18 to work on trail signs. If you're not racing or working on the marina, then obviously you should volunteer to help them! Likely he'll need follow-up help for other weekends, as well.

(4) We need volunteers for the board and offices, committees, and getting your favorite projects done. Please step forward.

(5) Plans need to be made for the rest of this summer, including the Labor Day weekend regatta and potlucks for us and the Buccaneers.

We'll need volunteers to

(a) provide a mark-set boat for the race course to move racing buoys so the race course lines up properly with the wind (motor boat or motorized sailboat);

(b) provide a chase boat for safety (only help the boats if requested or if an emergency occurs) (easy boat for people to get in and out of from the water, if necessary);

(c) provide a boat to take out spectators or prospective members and take pictures and/or video of the regatta;

(d) serve on race committee; display signal flags, sound horns, record scores and finishes, check wind direction, watch starting line, etc.;

(e) help out on land; answer questions, help visitors find things, help out with the potlucks, emcee awards presentation

Tentative schedule ...

August 18, regatta -- I can provide committee boat so we can do some real 'round the buoys racing and can take out volunteers who'd like to learn race committee.

September 1, Saturday Rocky Mountain Buccaneer Rodeo ( ), 10:00 -- 11:30 registration
1:30 first warning signal
6:30 p.m. no warning signal will be made later than

Labor Day Weekend Regatta -- all NMSC and guest boats are welcome to race; the Buccs will start each race first, then a second start will be held each race for all non-Buccs.

7:00 p.m. (approx.) Potluck Dinner -- NMSC will provide meat for grilling along with condiments, plastic/paper ware, etc. Bring salad, dessert, bread, etc.

September 2, Sunday
Rocky Mountain Buccaneer Rodeo racing - as per Saturday but ending sooner
10:00 a.m. first warning signal
3:00 p.m. no warning signal will be made later than
4:30 p.m. (approx.) awards ceremoney
5:00 p.m. (approx.) Ice Cream Social, Dessert Potluck -- club will provide ice cream and toppings; members and guests are welcome to bring other desserts.
5:30 p.m. (approx.) NMSC club and board meeting.

(6) NMSC Club and board meeting, Sunday afternoon, September 2, 2007. Topics: marina work, recruiting for board members and officers, bid for Buccaneer National regatta, progress on insurance and on ordering marina parts, your topic here....

(7) Recruit! Do you know anyone who could help fill up the last few good spaces in the marina?

(8) Fall plans, fall work parties, marina winterizing, holiday party, election, etc.

(9) marina projects: installing anchors, re-floating dockhouse, finishing widening of ABC walkway, installing gangway, putting bumpers on B dock knee braces, installing signs, re-floating B dock, replacing twisted center portion of B dock during the early fall, etc.

(10) The RGSC should have a dinner coming up soon at JB's restaurant in Albuquerque, off Juan Tabo just north of I-40.

(11) Heron Lake is still rising just a teeny bit, with the marina in about 29 feet of water. Elephant Butte is going down, but not as badly as first predicted; it wall probably not go down below 300,000 acre feet or so. I've put occasional updates out on .


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