Friday, August 03, 2007

Sailing back to our slip at the Frisco Marina

Friday afternoon, we sailed from Frisco east across the lake to the Dillon Marina, watching the last of the Snipe national championships. We found a courtesy dock still available, and hung around the yacht club and regatta tent for a awhile. However, with Snipes arriving and de-rigging, and the regatta running behind in getting the check-in tent organized, we decided to sail back to Frisco and then later drive back to Dillon for check-in.

View west toward Sentinel Island, Tenmile peaks, and entrance to Giberson Bay and Frisco Cove.
View of Tenmile Range peaks.

Cruising sailboat shows its bottom in a small puff of wind.

Two sailboats are said to have sunk this summer at Dillon; an S2
and a Catalina 25 that was being recovered from a depth of 45 feet.

Santana 20 sailboat.

Near the Frisco Marina we got to greet the crew of a Hobie (TM) (C) (R) Holder monohull dinghy.

Later, at the Dillon Marina, we checked in and got our goodie bag, which contained hats and tickets for Saturday night's dinner. We scored a couple more dinners and an extra hat, which took some a bit of pleasant negotiating, since the dinner had been sold out. We also bought a special present for one of our Etchells friends from way down south who couldn't make it to the regatta. Details to be revealed later, as they say.

While at the Dillon Marina, we got to admire the other Etchells from our fleet. The oldest, "Silverback" is Frank Keesling's, which he brought in from Tahoe after selling his previous Etchells to Terry Barr. We also got to watch Scott Snyder and his crew polish and clean their boat before launching it. Their boat is "Tres Dos" ... but for tomorrow it will also on its transom have the temporary name, "Does This Fraculator Make My Boat Look Small?".


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