Thursday, July 19, 2007

weekend plans and beyond

Mobility has improved greatly for us now that the Expedition is out of the shop, Jer's Mitata has new tires (but still awaits a service appointment), and we've borrowed the folks' Cherokee for "Tadpole" to use to get to cat-sitting and a friend's Eagle Scout project. Yesterday evening we had a saiing club social, though attendance was rather low. At least we did get to greet one new sailor who recently bought a pocket cruiser.

This weekend we plan to help host some visiting youth at Heron Lake, welcome some Rio Grande Sailing Club boats and crews to Heron Lake, and have an around-the-buoys regatta. We also need to move our MacGregor north, and retrieve our Etchells trailer from Elephant Butte Lake in southern NM. It's not terribly long until we leave for Dillon, Colorado, and the Dillon Open.

Lake Conditions

Azotea Tunnel flow, 40 c.f.s. (31-154 min./max flow in past 71 hours),
Willow Creek 38 cfs (38-104),

Heron 7/19/2007 1100
7154.31 ft. elev., 238,102 a.f.;

+.02’ +88a.f./71 hours
+.02’ +88 a.f./71 hours

Heron is almost exactly even for the past week,
and up just a quarter-inch in three days.

Elephant Butte
San Marcial Floodway 12 c.f.s. (9-18),
Elephant Butte Lake as of 7/19 0900:
4,339.40 ft. elevation above benchmark,
496,818 acre feet of water;

down .28’ (3.4”) ­and 3,630 a.f. in 24 hours;
down .82 and 11,025 a.f. in 71 hours.;
-1720 cfs discharge from dam;
operations plan projection for today was 448,052/4335.52
(lake is now 48,762 a.f., and 3.88’ above the projection).

The ops. plan projection for the low point on Oct. 14th
is 200,529 a.f. at elevation 4,310.75.

However, with the lake 3.88' above projection so far,
and with the like going down at 3.4" instead of the
projected 4.8 inches per day, the lake shouldn't go
nearly so low.

My guess for the worst-case level would be an
Oct. 4 level of 265,675 a.f. at 4,318.5 ft. elev.
The more probable lowest level is something like
280,000 a.f., at 4,320' elev..


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