Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Diary-like updates

Today I awoke early and drove Jer's '99 MX5 to the Miata dealership.

"Tadpole" drove me home, then I hopped aboard Babe and drove to Los Lunas to retrieve our Etchells trailer from AccuTrak, which built the basic trailer before we'd customized it last May. It had been in the equivalent of a "boat trailer spa", getting brake lines checked, some l.e.d. lights replaced, wheel bearings repacked, and Bearing Buddies installed. Because the AMS grease that was used for repacking is not compatible with what's in my mini grease gun, I bought a tube of AMS grease and was advised to re-pack bearings at least every year or two.

Back home, I did some New Mexico Sailing Club business with our treasurer at his brokerage, including dropping off a form for ordering parts for our marina. We'll be getting almost $15,000 worth of encased foam floats, anchors, braces, winches, cable, etc. The floats would be able to support some 40 or 50 tons and, placed end to end, span about the length of (an American) football field. Men and boys and their toys... my toy blocks are about 3 feet x 4 feet x 20 inches and I get to play with them to make marina floats, gangway supports and extensions, and work barge flotation. It occurs to me, that were the sailing club marina maintenance budget somewhat larger, that we could get enough blocks to temporarily stack into a giant castle or towering lighthouse. Whee!

Then it was time to go to work!

Still to be done... maintenance service on our Expedition, shopping for tools and groceries, many more preparations for our trip to Dillon. And, the Mazda service advisor called and offered us the opportunity to invest $400.00 to 1,200.00-plus in the Miata... oxygen sensor and whatever caused it to fail, valve cover gasket, timing chain, fan belt, front and rear brakes.

Carol Anne and Tad are still looking for a car to replace the Cavalier. They'd answered an ad for an 1980s red Mercedes that was equipped with a driver's side airbag, but the seller, "Proch-not-now" was "interesting". He didn't answer Carol Anne when she asked for the VIN so she could get a Carfax report, didn't answer questions about tires, and wouldn't agree to let a mechanic look at the car. Then, he missed an appointment to show the car on Friday. Finally, when Carol Anne and Tad showed up for their appointment on Monday, the seller was gone and the seller's adult son told them that the car had been sold over the weekend. So, they'd wasted a trip -- but in hindsight were glad not to have done business with this particularly peculiar person.

Oh, and did I mention...

Tad circled an advertisement in the newspaper and Carol Anne pointed it out to me...
for another Sunfish sailboat for sale. I must suppose that means they expect me to go out and buy it. Stay tuned... after all, we may not fish pianos on this blog, but we can tune a 'fish.

Last weekend's sailing was somewhat limited, among many distractions, but we did race on Saturday. We were first to finish in both races, but split on corrected time. I also kayaked around the marina cove and did more yardwork at our cabin. On Sunday, I did some assembly of encased floats into a raft as part of a marina gangway project.


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