Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Score card

With us about a quarter of the way through the sailing year, here's my scorecard:

Days or partial days on the water...

4 days, racing ("Tad" has another day of racing and Carol Anne has two more)
9 days, other sailing & practice (1 to 7 hours ea.) (CA has more days)
1 day, committee boat (some motorsailing/sailing en route)
1 day, motorsailing and motoring, charting buoy positions
1 day, motorsailing and sailing with genoa, moving boat from marina to ramp

1 day, motoring/moving boat from ramp to marina
4 days, (brief excursions), kayaking
1 day, boating safety class
2 days, advanced race management class
2 days, boating safety instructor class
? days, fiddling on boats
3 RGSC socials, 1 RGSC board/club meeting, 3 NMSC board/club meetings

16 sailing days, 21 sea service days so far in 2007

approx. 51 sailing days, 65 sea service days in 2006
" " 19 sailing days, 24 sea service days in 2005
" " 28 sailing days, 33 sea service days in 2004

approx. 134 sea service days in past 3 years


At 1:35 PM, April 20, 2007, Blogger Pat said...

Scorecard update:
From last weekend, add

2 days, racing
1 day, co-teaching boating safety class
along with boat repairs and fiddling

also did some treadmilling and pushups, situps at home, ordered primer and boat parts

also have been working on sailing club business for both clubs and contacting members about the NMSC summer season


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