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New Mexico Sailing Club Roundup

NMSC Roundup
Heron Lake Conditions on Thursday, April 5, 11:00 a.m.
7,137.37 feet elev., 170,580 acre feet 11 feet of average depth under the marina

Heron Lake is up 2 inches and 644 a.f. in 24 hours and up 5 inches and 1497 a.f. in 71 hours.

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From Pat:
April 5, today -- water is about 11 feet deep in the marina cove and rising about two inches a day. Early spring runoff is somewhat greater than remaining contractor water discharge. Boat ramps should be usable for most boats. Watch out for a few shallow spots in the cove. Heron Lake should look pretty nice, aside from maybe some murky water in Willow Creek cove.

April 14 -- Rich Koch leads a scouting/work party to start getting the marina in shape for the season.

April 21 -- major work party to repair A-B walkway and get trusses down and in place, install connecting trusses between B and C (need diver).
April 27 – NMSC Club meeting, El Dorado Community Center southeast of Santa Fe. Gather at 6:00 p.m. to enjoy a potluck dinner and social hour. Then enjoy Eddie Dry’s Belize trip presentation and our club meeting.
April 28 -- work party to open marina. First dockmaster reports for duty.
(Carol Anne and I will probably be tied up with racing in the final spring series race at the Butte, unless she gets enough crew so I can run up and help.)
May 5 -- marina should be fully open, though ongoing projects will continue and some boats may need to be moved around as work is done in different parts of the marina.
May 19 -- final weekend of racing at the Butte; more boats come to the marina.

May 26 -- Memorial Day weekend; potluck, fun race, racing clinic

May, summer: succeeding work parties to refurbish B and C docks, hook up pumpout, improve trail, do housekeeping, set up long gangway if feasible, install new flotation under dockhouse, install new anchors for B and C docks, etc. A lot of "et cetera." Water level may be about 5 feet lower than last summer.

June 25 -- Boy Scouts from Lubbock arrive to learn sailing, do safe boating class July -- Long Race, races, socials

Saturday of Labor Day weekend -- challenge cup versus RGSC

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From Pete:
Fellers, I called Scott at KZRM in Chama, he had not received my e-mail request for job line. Hopefully today the phone will ring with qualified, enthusiastic, and strong workers. Rich, I really enjoyed that link to the water engineers. Here's one you most likely know about. Pete onth=12&day=21&units=e

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From Rich K:

Pat: You are correct! I am planning a work party for the NMSC marina on Saturday, April 14. Hear are some preliminary items, along with those you already mentioned: Service generator Service outboard (I have gear oil and extra plugs) Check/Service solar panel and batteries Decon pavilion and dock house Recover cross truss from under A-B walkway Recover broken pieces of undertrusses adjacent to walkway at B south and B north and C south and C north. Check anchor winches Lower undertrusses Attempt to locate the new A dock cement anchors in case we can use those to help stabilize B dock. Remove old A dock undertrusses and associated structures.

We also talked about reviewing if upgrades should be made to B dock or C dock in light of more boats on C dock.

We'll be out of town this weekend, but if the weather is nice, some eager members might want to get started this weekend.
Cheers to all.
-- Rich
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From Pat B.:
Yep, the notes for the February meeting were down in Truth or Consequences.
We sailed about 3-1/2 hours Saturday and 5-1/2 hours on Sunday. Now we have to fix a couple of things that broke on Carol Anne's boat .... always there's something more to do.

A correction to a previous announcement is that Thursday, April 26 is the RGSC meeting at the Abernethy's home near UNM in Albuquerque Friday, April 27 is the NMSC meeting at El Dorado near Santa Fe, with Eddie Dry's presentation of his catamaran charter trip to Belize.

Also, Saturday, April 14, Rich Koch will lead a "scouting trip" small work party to assess what's needed to repair the marina (A-B walkway especially) and do some minor repairs and begin to set up the marina for the spring.

April 21 and April 28 will be work party weekends and our first dockmaster will report for duty on April 28. We should have the marina open shortly thereafter, depending on just how fast spring runoff arrives versus contractors taking out the last of their water and depending upon ramp conditions, and depending upon getting a diver and workers in to help us. Right now the marina has about ten feet of water.

New Mexico Sailing Club February 2007 Meeting Sizzler Restaurant, Menaul Blvd. in Albuquerque

Met quorum
Rich S - reported on slips and dockmasters - slots going fast.
Treasurer's Report, George
Slip fees not counted as income yet. Club owns a Buccaneer - could we raffle it off? Less work this year scheduled - will need more floats.

Update on Bill R - will need help getting to his boat, hope we can get something arranged to help him. Won't charge slip fee unless we get something to work. Motion - club cover Bill's dues - unanimous.
Rich K - Formalizing changes to slip and buoy procedures Acknowledge reality of marina not full and no waiting list Question of allowing members to have someone else in slip - More work needs to be close - moving forward

Dockmaster duties - expand document to include dockmaster training

Next meeting March 30 at El Dorado Community Center s.e. of Santa Fe - potluck
Possibility of Women on the Water (WOWs)reviving ship's store Looking for volunteers
Adjourned 8:15 p.m.

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Scout Troop visiting Heron Lake June 25 – 30, 2007:
Dear Pat, I now have a better idea of numbers and ages. At present we have about 20 scouts out of the 28-30 who want to take small boat sailing. Ages will be 11-17. All will pass a BSA swim test before going on the water. The one problem seems to be New Mexico's boating education regulation. Seems all under 18 will need the education before going on the sail boats. Do you know any info about this? Thanks, Jim Troop 94

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INTRODUCTION This document is intended to consolidate under one cover, the NMSC Marina operating Rules, Policies and Etiquette. The New Mexico Sailing Club (NMSC) operates the Heron Lake (Willow Creek) Marina under contract to the State of New Mexico Parks and Recreation Department as a non profit corporation. The normal NMSC sailing season at Heron Lake, with dockmasters in attendance and club dinghies available, will be from approximately May 1 through October 31. The rules and policies as adopted within this document are intended to apply to all club members, transient renters, and guests without discrimination!

COMPLIANCE AND ENFORCEMENT The NMSC Executive Board and dockmasters shall be charged with insuring compliance with the NMSC operating rules and policies stated herein.
In cases of non-compliance with Marina Rules, the dockmaster on duty shall ask for compliance. In cases of continuing noncompliance, the dockmaster shall enter the details of the incident in the Log Book and report the situation to a member of the Executive Board. Penalties will be administered as necessary by the Board up to and including loss of Marina privileges. In cases of criminal acts, a Park Ranger or the local authorities shall be notified.

REQUIREMENTS FOR SLIP AND BUOY RENTAL Introduction The concession from the State of New Mexico held by the New Mexico Sailing Club, concerning slip and buoy rentals, shall be handled according to the policies stated below. The club retains the exclusive right to assign all slips and buoys.

Specifics Each member who is assigned a slip or buoy by the NMSC shall have the right to annually renew a rental agreement for the space, or equivalent, provided that such member each year:

1. Pays the required fees by the time designated.

2. Membership and slip/buoy fees are due March 15.

3. Serves an assigned half-week as dockmaster. If some unforeseen happening would prevent the member from serving at the assigned time he or she may arrange to trade times with another club member or may find a qualified person who will serve for pay. Locating a substitute dockmaster is the responsibility of the member. The names of the substitute dockmasters and the periods that they will serve must be reposted to the Dock Assignments Chairman. No officer, no member of the Board, nor a co-dockmaster has the authority to permit a member to come late, leave early, or forego the duty.

4. Owns or co-owns a boat that is kept at Heron Lake NMSC facilities during the sailing season. Ownership is established by the boat title and insurance policy at the time of the original application for a slip or buoy.

5. Executes an appropriate license agreement with the club.
6. Maintains appropriate boat insurance as specified by the NMSC.

Failure to perform any of the above listed requirements will result in forfeiture of all rights to the slip or buoy. The Executive Board allows for hearing of appeals in cases of failures to comply with the above stated requirements.

1. If a member's boat is sold during the sailing season, the seller may permit the purchaser to use the slip or buoy for the remainder of the season. The purchaser must join the club, execute a license agreement, have proper insurance, and place his or her name on the waiting list for a slip or buoy.

2. Members who do not use their rental space may retain claim to a slip or buoy for a maximum of two sailing seasons; however the member remains responsible for slip or buoy rental fees until and unless the slip or buoy is subleased, and looses any right to the slip or buoy if the fees remain unpaid. The Dock Assignments Chairperson may sublease the space to the next person on the waiting list. No sublease will be offered unless all other slips and or buoys are leased. The subleasee must be a member of the club and must execute a license agreement.

3. Members lose membership privileges and slip/buoy access if dues or rental fees are not received by April 1.

4. After Labor Day any club member who has executed a license agreement may use any dock space that has been vacated for the remainder of the season after coordinating the move with the dockmaster. The vacated dock space is preferentially subject to monthly or partial season rental of the space by the club.

5. A member may let another club member who has executed a license agreement use his or her slip or buoy temporarily, not to exceed 1 month. The dockmaster must be notified and this arrangement noted in the Log Book.

6. A new member joining during the sailing season after July 15 may rent a slip or buoy if available at a prorated rate. Previous members of the club within the prior 3 years are not eligible for the reduced rate unless approved by the board.

7. If the marina is not able to open during a season, members renting slips will not be assessed a slip fee. If buoys are not useable, buoy tenants will not be assessed a buoy fee. However, slip and buoy tenants must pay membership dues to remain on the priority list and to be able to retain their slip or buoy when they become useable.

8. In the event of a significantly shortened season, the NMSC board will decide, with recommendations from the slip and buoy assignment committee, as to whether to issue refunds to the slip and/or buoy tenants.

POLICIES ON SLIP/BUOY PRIORITIES AND RESTRICTIONS Priorities for moving from one slip to another available slip, from a buoy to a slip, or for obtaining a slip or buoy as such moorings become available have been established chronologically through rentals in prior years and applications for moorings. A record of such priorities by seniority (the priority list) shall be maintained by the Dock Assignments Chairperson, as well as the list of members waiting to lease buoys or slips (the waiting list). These lists will be published annually. As slip or buoy vacancies occur, the committee shall notify the members on the waiting list in the order of their priority, until a willing applicant is found. Failure to exercise the option of leasing or moving up will not result in a member losing his or her position on the waiting list.

Transient Rentals Six transient rental slips will be maintained throughout the dock complex. These slips will be rented on a first-come first-serve basis with no reservations accepted prior to the day of rental. Transient slip rental to any one person or boat is limited to a maximum of 21 days cumulative per season.

Monthly Rentals If space is available in the marina (excluding the transient sites), slips or buoys may be rented by the month. The renter must become a member and sign a lease agreement and have proper insurance as required for member renters. The Dock Assignments chairperson will process monthly rentals.

Courtesy Docks Courtesy docks are available for temporary use (limit 30 minutes). Dinghies, club or personal, shall not be tied to the courtesy dock.

Slip / Boat Size Restrictions Because of the dimensions of the slips, a member contemplating putting a boat over 30 feet long or 12 feet in beam (including fenders) into a slip must first check with the Board. Specific slip assignments will be determined by the Dock Assignments Chairperson according to the member’s priority at the time of an available slip/buoy.

INSURANCE Every renter of a slip or buoy shall have liability insurance covering property damage and personal injury, and on request shall provide the NMSC officers with evidence of such insurance.

RENTAL FEES The current sailing season rental fees are as follows:

Buoys ................. $220 rent + tax + $25 administration fee

Slips ....... $390 rent + tax + $25 administration fee

Monthly Rates Slips $180 rent + tax
Buoys $150 rent + tax
Transient Slip Rate $10 per night

New Member Partial Season Proration for Slips
July $260 rent + tax + $25 administration fee
August $180 rent + tax + $25 administration fee
September-October $130 rent + tax + $25 administration fee
New Member Partial Season Proration for Buoys
July $150 rent + tax + $25 administration fee
August $110 rent + tax + $25 administration fee
September-October $ 75 rent + tax + $25 administration fee

Club work credits, to be applied against rental fees, may be designated for certain club projects as approved by the Executive Board. Work credits are limited to 50% of the annual slip rental fee.

DOCKMASTER'S DUTIES The half-week dockmaster assigned periods are Saturday midnight through Wednesday noon and Wednesday noon through the following Saturday midnight. Extra dockmasters are assigned during holiday weekends from Friday midnight through Tuesday noon or Thursday midnight through Monday noon depending on when the observed holiday falls. Dockmasters must be at lest 18 years old for insurance considerations.

A person serving as dockmaster shall:

1. Use his or her best efforts to preserve the security and safety of all club property and the boats using the slips and buoys under the club's control, with due regard for his or her own personal safety.

2. Be either located on the docks or camped at the point. The area cannot be adequately monitored from a buoy. A dockmaster's slip is provided for use by those on buoys and others who prefer that location.

3. Serve as club safety representative at the Marina, being especially watchful of minors.

4. Make sure that life vests (2 minimum) are always kept in the dinghies.

5. Be in attendance 24 hours a day within sight of docks and buoys. However, if two dockmasters are on duty, one may leave for reasonable time periods provided that other dockmaster is in agreement. If the weather is threatening, or if it is a busy time such as a weekend or other needy situations, all dockmasters shall stay on duty at the docks. An assigned dockmaster shall not enter a scheduled race activity when he or she is scheduled to “dock sit” unless a responsible adult serves as an alternate.

6. Check all boats for proper mooring security at least once a day. Inventory the boats vs. buoys after severe weather to check for boats breaking away from their buoys. NOTE: Pay particular attention to boats sitting low in the water after a lightning storm, as a lightning strike will frequently burn holes through the hull below water line.

7. Challenge suspicious or unknown persons at or near boats.

8. Keep track of club dinghies, keeping them accessible for ready use by the buoy renters.

9. Give assistance to those entering or leaving slips. This item requires reasonable judgment. It is not necessary to assist each and every boat entering or leaving. However, when obvious need or courtesy dictates, effort should be made to help. Help should be given, for example, when someone is having trouble or when high winds are making docking hazardous. NOTE: Board policy is that returning boats shall fly colored flags (Red for "A” Dock, Yellow for "B” Dock, or Green for "C" Dock) when assistance is requested.

10. Make a reasonable effort to contact a boat's owner if any significant problem occurs at the facilities or with a particular boat, such as a break-a-way or an apparent leak. Make appropriate entries in the Log Book of such situations.

11. Rent transient slips at posted rates on a first-come first served basis, with no reservations being permitted prior to the day of rental, and with cash or check payment being required in advance. Have the renter sign a license agreement. Keep a written record of all transient slip rentals by slip number, including names, addresses, boat registration number, term of rentals, and fees paid.

12. Give assistance to members in locating their proper buoy or slip when they first bring their boats to the marina. The assignments are normally designated on the marina map located in the dock house.

13. Keep the dinghies bailed clear of rainwater and the bottoms clear of algae.

14. Perform appropriate maintenance on the facilities as time permits. A list of needed small jobs will be found in the Job Jar.

15. Make legible entries in the Log Book of all important events.

16. Attempt to enforce the vehicle loading and unloading parking rule on the point. The current ruling by the Park Ranger in agreement with the club, states that a maximum of two vehicles (two dockmasters) may be parked past the sign at any time, except for loading and unloading. Twenty to thirty minutes for loading and unloading is considered an adequate time.

17. Limit courtesy dock use to approximately 30 minutes.

18. Keep the barbecues and utensils clean and the propane bottles for the barbecue grills filled. Turn in receipt to club treasurer for reimbursement.

19. Put pavilion trashcans in shed each night so that raccoons do not scatter trash. Deposit marina trash in the dumpster as needed and at the end of the docksitting tour.

20. Maintain the marina and pavilion in ship shape and seamanlike manner.

1. Dinghy use and safety.
a) Minors shall be required to wear life vests when aboard.
b) A personal flotation device is required to be on board for each person in a dinghy.
2. Swimming from the docks is prohibited.
3. Fishing from the docks is prohibited but is permitted from your own boat.
NOTE: Fire extinguishers, heaving lines, and throwable flotation devices are located on each dock for emergencies only.

SHUTTLE DINGHIES The club provides dinghies for the use of buoy renters. The dinghies will be moored at the dock as designated by the dockmasters. They shall be used only for the purpose of transporting individuals and gear to a boat moored at a buoy, for inspection of boat tie-ups by the dockmasters, and for special club sponsored functions.
Anyone using a dinghy shall return it as promptly as possible so that others may use it.

DRY STORAGE AND RESPONSIBILITY All trailers for launched boats with assigned slips and or buoys shall be removed from the park (either taken home or stored at a local area storage lot). Space can be obtained for the fenced/locked dry storage at Heron Park Visitors Center for a monthly fee.

Neither the club nor the dockmaster shall have responsibility for any boat, dinghy, trailer, or vehicle (including contents therein) stored or parked in the dry storage parking area, vehicle parking areas, or the area around the marina.
MARINE DOCK ETIQUETTE In general we should practice the Golden Rule.
If you are offended by an activity that is being conducted by fellow members, please ask them to stop.

If a fellow member tells you he or she is offended by something you are doing, please stop.
The club must obey the New Mexico State Park Regulations published in the Membership Directory and Handbook. In addition to these, there are a few commonly accepted rules of courtesy that apply to sailors. They are:
1. Secure you halyards so they are quiet.
2. Request permission to board another boat.
3. Wear proper shoes or remove your shoes when going aboard another person's boat.

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