Wednesday, March 28, 2007

views from a kayak, Elephant Butte Lake, March 15

After a long day in the safe boating instructor class, I was ready to get out on the water and stretch my stiff body. So, I kayaked about a mile up the lake to enjoy the sights on a warm late-winter day. Green buoy no. 7 is not far from Horse Island and a pass that leads to the Marina del Sur.

The Elephant formation that gives the lake its name.

Rock Canyon Marina fro the northwest, showing the end with the docks for large houseboats, some of which reach 80 to 110 feet in length overall.

Gulls and other seabirds have decided that the Butte is the closest thing to an ocean in this part of the world.

Sailboat row at Rock Canyon Marina; the second mast is Black Magic's.


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