Friday, July 21, 2006

Black Magic at Heron Llake

4452, the Skipper concentrates on all the details.

4460, scenic view of Heron Lake and mountains to the east from under Black Magic's boom.

4467, Tadpole and Carol Anne furling sails after a great day on the water.


At 3:05 AM, July 21, 2006, Blogger Carol Anne said...

Please, delete that first photo, along with any others that make me look like Dennis Connor during his aging dissipation. Yeah, I'm not exactly young, but do you have to put pictures online that make me look even older and more decrepit?

At 10:54 AM, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Adrift At Sea said...

I'd have to agree with Carol Anne. You need to delete that photo and only post ones that are more flattering, and more truthful, to Carol Anne.

At 7:21 PM, July 24, 2006, Blogger Tillerman said...

I thought that that photo showed Carol Anne exhibiting just the right combination of determination and fierceness neededd by a top-notch one-design racer.

Or was she just scowling at the photographer for taking her picture?

At 1:29 PM, July 25, 2006, Blogger Pat said...

Or warning the photographer to "mind the boom"? Of course, I don't mind the boom at all; if it won't swing at me, I won't swing at it.


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