Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday, July 7 quick New Mexico lake update

Heron Lake:
7153.43 feet elevation, 193,195 acre feet -- up two inches and 542 acre feet in 72 hours.

El Vado: 71,982 a.f., down 883 a.f.
Abiquiu: 152,652 a.f., up 332 a.f.
Cochiti: 50,219, up 812 a.f.
Elephant Butte: 4311.12 feet elev., 203,343 a.f., down 9.3" and 6,046 a.f.

The Associated Press stories in the Albuquerque Journal this week, which noted that Middle Rio Grande Conservancy is likely to start taking its water soon, were variations of Staci Matlock's story in the New Mexican. The exact timing of MRGCD diversions is likely somewhat uncertain; if they took all of their water (about 20,900 a.f.), then the marina cove would be down to an average depth of about ten feet.


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