Thursday, July 20, 2006

A run for the lake

Tuesday afternoon it was time to head back up from the city through the mesas and arroyos up to Heron Lake. En route, "Sam" came aboard in Santa Fe to spend the evening, and we arrived at the marina just as Carol Anne and Tadpole had launched her Etchells, Black Magic. Sam and I fired up the outboard on another of our boats, Syzygy, to jaunt across the cove and coordinate plans. (The general principal is to never drive a land vehicle when it's shorter, more convenient, and enjoyable to use a boat.) With threatening weather and distant rumbles of lightning, we didn't take time to try to sail, but got across the cove fairly quickly (not too quickly on a no-wake lake with a very enthusiastic law enforcement park ranger) to confer. Sam got to help Tadpole bring the newly repaired Black Magic back to her slip in the marina, while I scotted ahead of them to dock Syzygy and then help with Black Magic. Afterwards we enjoyed burgers on the marina grill and the sounds of the storm and a bit of rain along with good conversation among ourselves and the dockmasters before bringing Tad, Sam, a cello, and a string bass southward.

Heron Lake Activities

This weekend: potluck dinner Saturday evening at 7:00.
A fun race Saturday afternoon if we can swing it.
Sunday: Prepare Black Magic for her trip to Dillon, Colorado.

Lake Conditions

Heron Lake remains very stable, at an elevation of 7143.59 feet with 193,813 acre feet, losing 1/8 inch and 40 acre feet in 72 hours. Most of the marina is in 18 feet of water and all the boat ramps are in good shape. Willow Creek and the Azotea Tunnel, however, are barely trickling with just a few cubic feet per second of water in the past day.

El Vado has 65,545 a.f., losing 3,046 a.f. in 72 hours with 661 c.f.s. outflow.
Abiquiu has 152,688 a.f., losing 1179 a.f. with 670 c.f.s. outflow.
Cochiti has 48,165 a.f., gaining 785 a.f. in 72 hours, with 570 c.f.s. outflow.

Elephant Butte Lake at elevation 4311.50 feet (above benchmark) with 206,289 a.f. has lost 10 inches and 6,743 a.f. in 72 hours. By tomorrow, it'll be back to where it was before the rains came a couple of weeks ago to temporarily relieve it. The San Marcial Conveyance is flowing at 168 c.f.s, and the San Marcial Floodway at 56 c.f.s., but water is being released from the Butte at 1910 c.f.s. The Butte lost 4 inches and 2,634 a.f. in the past 24 hours.


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