Friday, June 09, 2006

Travelin' man

This is just a domestic update for the benefit of anyone who might wonder (a) where I've been, or (b) why the Foghorn has been delayed so much.

Thursday (6/1) - worked, drove to Cochiti, sailed on Steven G.'s Thistle.

Friday (6/2) - Batgal & Tadpole drove to Elephant Butte to paint the trailer while I worked and then drove to Heron Lake and Laguna Vista.

Saturday (6/3) - Batgal & Gerald worked with Seymour to re-center her boat on the trailer and de-rig and prepare for travel while I cleaned up "Five O Clock Somewhere" and installed a rough dog run next to the house, shopped in Chama, went by marina, greeted the Batgal, Tadpole, Seymour, his wife, son, and Tyler the Bulldog when they arrived with s/v Black Magic.

Sunday - helped rig and launch Black Magic at Heron Lake, worked at marina, kayaked in cove, took pictures of marina and boats.

Monday - downloaded pictures, worked, made appointments, read part of a book.

Tuesday - dropped Expedition off at Ford dealership for charging/starting test (wound up getting a new battery), worked, shopped, then traveled north 165 miles to Heron Lake, visited marina, rigged the MacGregor, sailed, switched vehicles, picked up Carol Anne and Gerald, returned to Albuquerque a little after midnight.

Wednesday - worked, took cats to vet's office for annual physical, took Gerald to string bass lesson, cello lesson, 1st portion of Scout meeting, and music class; took Carol Anne out for a bbq dinner.

Thursday - dropped off car for brake job, worked, took bus home, retrieved car, drove 155 miles south to Elephant Butte to the Fleet 141 compound, then dinner at Pizza Hut in T or C and arrived back in Albuquerque after midnight.

Friday (6/9) - paid bills, went to work, will be shopping and going to Heron Lake tonight.


At 12:48 PM, June 09, 2006, Blogger Tillerman said...

The distance you guys drive to your sailing locations is an inspiration to me. My regular summer lake sailing location is about 40 miles from my house and my winter frostbiting club is about 90 miles the other way. I sometimes think that is way too far ... but then I think of you sailors in New Mexico and think how lucky I am.


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