Saturday, May 27, 2006

Quick Update

The Batgal and Tadpole remain at the Butte. Trailer work is slower than expected. They and Dumbledore hope to do a test-fit of Black Magic to the trailer tomorrow (Sunday) but are missing a template for the shape of the front bunk (Zorro might have it), so we'll see if the template shows up. With luck, the test fit will happen; otherwise CA will have the frustration of having worked really hard without getting to see a positive result. The heat and holiday crowds at the big lake are somewhat unattractive, plus they've been working hard on the trailer and other projects, so she hasn't been sailing. However, the wind forecast looks pretty good for Sunday afternoon (about 15 mph) and even better for Monday morning (around 10 mph).

Today (Saturday), they were among ten people doing a "mule barn raising". They were assembling the foundation and a storage shed to be used to haul a boat-moving mechanical "mule" to be used at the mast-up storage lot.

Meanwhile, I'm up in the mountains of northern New Mexico near Heron Lake where I spent most of my day at the marina. People have just been realizing that we're open for business, and we got up to 20 boats in the marina. Last weekend we wound up with only 8 or 9.

I worked on a new trail extension (the hill is still too steep to install the gangway), so I did a lot of shoveling of dirt, pounding of fenceposts, stringing of safety line, etc. Also got wrist exercise unscrewing some boards, helped a welder who was installing a safety railing, helped dock some boats, etc. We didn't have enough boats and crews in the marina yet to try for a regatta yet, but should start having them in two weeks. The arrival of the Etchells in the next couple of weeks may be a good draw for reviving racing at Heron Lake. We'll also re-schedule today's club meeting for a couple of weeks hence for when we can have more people.

Went to a Shroyer Center (I'm on the board) dinner in our neighborhood. A lot of people in the marina and in our neighborhood are really interested in what Carol Anne has been doing and are looking forward to the arrival of the Black Boat up here. Not to confine my exercise to the marina, I also moved seven large barrow loads of dirt to back up a retaining wall at our cabin.

Heron Lake
Elevation 7141.09 feet, 184,270 acre feet, up 9.6 inches and 2,986 acre feet in 36 hours.

Elephant Butte Lake
Elevation 4323.72 feet above benchmark, 316,560 acre feet, down 10.3 inches and 8,800 acre feet in 36 hours.


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