Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lake and Sailing Update

Heron Lake is up to 162,371 acre feet and elevation of 7135.01'. That's up 6 inches and 1,800 acre feet in 72 hours and up just over four feet and about 12,000 acre feet since the low point a few weeks ago.

Elephant Butte Lake continues to discharge water faster than it receives it, and is now at 382,406 acre feet, elevation 4329.90, down about six feet from this spring's high point and losing 7 inches and 6,500 acre feet in the past 72 hours.

The NMSC directors have agreed to purchase an electric winch and equipment to be installed on te work barge so as to make life easier for work party volunteers at the marina. Also, Rich S. has made great progress on filling the dockmaster vacancies on our calendar.

Otherwise, I've just been busy taking Tadpole/WMCIK/007 to his music events and ordering more boat gear for Carol Anne. Funny - - other women may like chocolates and roses but she says I'd better get cam cleats, 15-mm battens, screw-down bushings, twing blocks, and spinnaker rings if I know what's healthy for me.


At 8:29 AM, May 03, 2006, Anonymous Adrift At Sea said...

I wouldn't skimp on the chocolate or flowers either. :D


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