Monday, April 10, 2006

Fits Like A Glove - NOT

And now for something different. Carol Anne lost her good sailing gloves in the hospital some weeks ago when the boom hit her, and she asked me to get her some half-finger gloves that would accommodate her short fingers and still allow enough of them to stick out so she could feel and grab things with her fingertips. I had some rebate coupons from W _ _ _ _ marine and talked to the order clerk about Carol Anne's situation. The only sailing gloves that came in half finger in their entire inventory were the Gill half finger gloves, which were available in a unisex or men's extra small. We decided to try them. (When they arrived, we noticed that although the catalog called them "half finger", the manufacturer merely called them "short finger".) Unfortunately, you can see that this experiment was a failure. Does anyone make good half-fingered sailing gloves to fit smaller hands and shorter fingers?

The so-called half or short-finger gloves cover so much of Carol Anne's fingers that they simply can't work in the manner intended.

Carol Anne's fingers barely peek out of the "half finger" or "short finger" gloves.


At 12:58 AM, April 12, 2006, Blogger Carol Anne said...

To clarify, the gloves that I lost were Gill, women's gloves, size small (women's small being the same as unisex extra-small), half-finger, with fairly thick padding in the palm, and the leather was a lovely beige color. Yeah, I know, I'm the lady is a tramp, so I'm not supposed to be concerned about such things, but I did like the color.

As far as Pat or I can tell, these gloves no longer exist -- at least, we haven't been able to find them mail-order.

What I have now are a pair of borrowed gloves that aren't terribly great (the owner of them acknowledged that as she lent them to me). So in addition to the quest for the perfect hat, I'm also looking for great gloves.


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