Thursday, April 27, 2006

New Mexico Sailing Club, Friday, El Dorado Community Center, Work Party on Saturday

New Mexico Sailing Club meeting, 6:30 p.m. Friday, April 28, 2006, El Dorado Community Center

To get to the El Dorado Community Center, continue east on I-25 beyond Santa Fe about seven miles (beyond the St. Francis exit) to exit 290, which is the exit for US 285 south to Cline's Corners. Go just a couple of blocks south to the first stoplight, which is Avenida de Amistad. Turn right (west) on Avenida de Amistad into the El Dorado subdivision and wind around for about 1.1 miles.

The community center has a white fence and a large parking lot, and one of the buildings is a train depot. The building next to the train depot (across the breezeway) is where we'll have our potluck and meeting. Socializing should begin at about 6:30 and the meeting proper by about 7:00 p.m.

Bring something yummy to share.

Tentative Agenda

Membership, slip & buoy, dock sitting, and treasury reports (Roger , info from Rich )

Eddie's report on New Mexico State Parks concessionaire workshop.

Status of Heron Lake
Heron Lake is up 8 inches in 3 days; water is flowing in at about 300 to 500 cubic feet per second. Elevation is now (Thursday 4/27) 7133.93', with 158,684 acre feet. By Saturday, April 29th, the date of our next major work party, almost all of the marina should be floating freely and most boats should be able to use the Willow Creek ramp; by early to mid-May the ramps should be in very good shape for all boats.

Status of Marina (latest info from Rich K.)
Eleven piers are missing some or all of their flotation. It looks like there is enough flotation available to replace that missing from the piers, but it will probably take 2 or 3 people using the work barge the better part of a day to get it put back under the piers.

Status of new A dock
Anthony M., Heron Lake State Park supervisor, asked us for information to be reviewed by the state parks before the new docks are installed.
The installation crew from Galvafoam expects to leave Missouri on Monday, May 8, and arrive at Heron on Tuesday, May 9, to complete A dock assembly and installation that week.

Correspondence, reports: Adams Cup, and upcoming events -- RGSC San Diego Cruise, Dillon.

New business:

Purchase of 8-hp water pump (Honda, Norton-Rupp/Honda, or similar for use in marina maintenance for blasting mud away from marina structure. (Pete Barlow).

Buy more floats for maintenance/replacement and for building a pontoon to support a gangway end.

Slip for John D’s bigger boat. John is buying an Ericson 30. A29 or A5 maybe?

Confirm okay for slip exemption for George and Christina V. (board had been polled previously)

Race schedule and need for race committee volunteers.
Tentative: May 27 Memorial Day regatta, June 10, June 24 (fun races), July 1 Long Race, July 2 buoy race (Spence), July 15, July 29, August 19, September 2, September 3.

Need volunteers (Dave & Sue H., others?) and schedule to coordinate dinghy sailing class.

Need volunteers to coordinate a safety day/workshop/activities (July 3?)

Look for info on designing a security gate.

Ask someone to research getting a new gas grill.

Get a crew to re-install the pump-out and get prices and a design for an enclosure/hut.

Work party for Saturday, April 29, 2006, 9:30 a.m.
* Support Mark P. (diver) in disconnecting A-B trusses and old A dock, move old A dock out of the way.
* Re-install foam flotation under piers
* Other projects as needed; install short truss on C dock, repair damaged connections, salvage A west for use in improving the connecting walkway, prepare to re-cycle A east, salvage cables for use as dock reinforcements, prepare a big float to support the bottom of the big gangway, screw down deck boards, check for loose cleats, improve pathway, prepare an upper landing stage for the big gangway, cut a path to the upper landing stage. Inventory racing buoys & equipment, picnic supplies, etc.

Work party for Saturday, May 6, 2006, 9:30 a.m.
Continue to prepare for the arrival of the Galvafoam crew on May 9; install the radio, bbq grills, set out picnic tables, dinghies, etc. Maybe Bob H. or Tom or someone can bring some gravel? Bring dock master notebooks, forms, etc. Bring fire extinguishers up (Bruce B.).

Marina opening weekend, Saturday, May 13, 2006

Gangway work party, Saturday, May 20, 2006

Memorial Day regatta Saturday, May 27, and semi-potluck dinner, Sunday May 28 (need volunteers)

Note from Dillon Yacht Club via S.A.I.L:
To SAIL Members,

Dillon Yacht Club has opened its Summer regattas. These 10 events are now open; formerly, only the Dillon Open was open to non-members. The Notice of Circuit is attached and is posted at

The schedule is:
June 10-11 -- Peak One Regatta
June 24-25 -- Buffalo Mountain Regatta
July 1-2 -- Stars and Bars Regatta
July 8-9 -- Timberline Regatta
July 22-23 -- Ptarmigan Regatta
August 5-6 -- Dillon Open Regatta
August 19-20 -- Peak Seven Regatta
September 2-3 -- Mt. Elbert Regatta
September 23-24 -- Changing of the Colors Regatta
Fees: Entry fees are $50 for each event. With DYC membership of $180, a racing fee of $250 gains entry to all events except the Dillon Open. The Entry Form is also posted at

Eligibility: Boats must have sail numbers and inform the race committee in writing of any changes to sail numbers. Club membership & racing fee is required to be scored in the Summer Series. (Each event will also be scored separately.)


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