Thursday, January 05, 2006

FAQs for a Sailing Club Budget Presentation

FAQs for a Sailing Club Budget Presentation

How can you count on renting out all of our slips?
The budget doesn’t require that we rent them all out and it can handle a pretty big shortfall. Even as bad and uncertain as 2005 was, we were able to get about half the slips paid for. Also, with the more stable insurance situation, new A dock, much earlier opening date for 2006, increased activities, and much more publicity, we should be able to attract many more sailors than last year.

Why are we spending money on x, y, or z?
Because we have to, or because it’s necessary for the marina and to preserve club assets, or because we want to have an active club, or because we think it’s good for the club and for sailing.

Why don’t we just give up on sailing, dissolve the club, and write ourselves some checks?
Because we don’t want to, because it’s not good for the club and sailing, and because our Constitution & By-laws and the Internal Revenue Service won’t let us.

Why isn’t there enough money in the budget for my pet project?
Probably because you didn’t talk it up with enough club and board members or show up enough at club events to be noticed, or volunteer for many club activities and committees.

Why don’t you listen more when I complain?
We regret the error and apologize:  Your complaint was (1) lost in the system, or (2) mis-directed to a particularly grumpy board member, or (3) the board was not able to locate your Certificate of Having Earned the Right to Complain Loudly, or (4) your complaint went to Buster the Pit Bull in our Complaints Department. Yougottaprobelmwiththat? Okay, then volunteer to lead or help with projects, serve on committees, and run for the board.

Why might it be someday necessary to move the marina from our gorgeous, lovely, mostly quiet cove?
Silt happens. Literally: Willow Creek Cove is acting as a silt trap for the entire lake and has received a twenty-five-foot deep covering of silt throughout most of the cove. It is not feasible to remove the silt. Every year we get runoff, we also get several inches to a foot or so of silt. With the silt squeezing the marina from below and droughts and more intense water use squeezing us from above, the marina is more and more likely to be grounded and useless. Leaving the marina to fend for itself for two years cost the club a large loss of morale, funds, and members. A repeat instance could endanger the club’s active existence.

Why is there money in the budget for sailing-related activities such as sail training and racing or marina maintenance?
Because we’re a sailing club.

Why am I a member of a club that will allow me to be a member?
No earthly idea.

Why don’t I get off my duff and do more for the club?
Nobody’s stopping you.

I think I mentioned to someone that I’d be willing to do something but nobody every called me.
Sorry. Really we’re very sorry not to have gotten & taken advantage of your offer. Stick around. Repeat your offer. Show up for work parties and activities. Talk to people. Rest assured we won’t make that mistake twice.


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