Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Windrider Rendezvous, Elephant Butte Lake, NM, continued

2091. Windriders abeam with mountains to the south. The Windrider Rendezvous was held out of the jet boat cove area near the middle of the western shore of Elephant Butte Lake in south-central New Mexico. The mild high desert climate allows for sailing almost year-round.

2093. Yellow Windrider heading toward Kettletop Mesa.

2094: Blue Windrider, stern view with Kettletop Mesa in background a few miles to the northeast.

2095. Yellow Windrider ghosting along, Elephant Butte Lake in southern New Mexico. When full, the Butte is New Mexico's largest lake, holding 2,000,000 acre feet with 40,000 surface acres for sailors to enjoy. The lake is beginning to recover from a several years of severe droughts, and has many square miles of surface area and many coves and bays and islands to explore. Elephant Butte Lake has a state park with three marinas, four boat ramps, mast-launching poles for large sailboats, and numerous services (boat repair, storage, motels, restaurants, stores) in the nearby communities of Elephant Butte and Truth or Consequences.


At 11:53 PM, October 19, 2005, Blogger Carol Anne said...

What do you mean, "almost" year-round sailing? We've sailed every month of the year! We bought the boat and first put it into the water in February 2000, and we've sailed in December and January at the Butte. I have clear memories of one really nifty New Year there -- nasty storm Dec. 31 that closed the interstate, but Jan. 1, it cleared off, we went sailing, and we phoned friends in the Dallas area to gloat over them and their nasty ice storms.


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