Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Shroyer Center Inc. minutes, April 2003, Laguna Vista, New Mexico

Minutes of Shroyer Center, Inc.
SCI Board Meeting
1:00 pm, April 5, 2003

1. Reports:
Minutes – last board meeting
Treasurer’s report
2. Proposed meal functions
3. Repairs completed – new repairs, etc.
4. New Director
5. Any additions to the newsletter

The meeting opened with Gladys Ericksen, Lucy Henson, Ida Langlois, Christine Trigg, and Pat Byrnes present.

1. Reports

Minutes of the previous meeting were not available, so the first report presented was the Treasurer’s report (attached) for January 1 – March 31, 2003, presented by Lucy Henson. It showed income of $172.00 and expenses of $649.44, with a March 31, 2003 balance of $2,975.90. Income was $160 from donations and $12.00 from SCI pen sales; expenses comprised $398.84 for propane, $150.00 for use of the bulk mail permit, $50 for New Mexico Taxation & Revenue, $10.00 for the NM State Corporation Commission, $12.00 for safety deposit box, $14.88 for kitchen supplies, and $13.72 for building expenses. Additional reports were provided for year 2002 income ($4,221.28) and expenses ($4,033.58) (see attachment).

SCI received a donation of $100 from Donna Eaton’s quilting group. The group plans to return to Laguna Vista on June 5, 6, 7, and 8. Roger and Donna will also be bringing folks back up to Shroyer Center on July 27 when the Methodist bluegrass gospel groups plays and sings for the Bluegrass Breakfast.

2. Meals
Meals planned for 2003 were as follows:

(1) May 11 Pancake Breakfast
(2) Memorial Day Spaghetti Supper
(3) June 14, Father’s Day Dinner (Tod Kerr, Pat Byrnes, Ray Razcek)
(4) July 6 (Camille Kerpen)
(5) July 27 Bluegrass Breakfast (Capelli, Burr, Moulton)
(6) August 10 (Ida Langlois, Geoff & Karen Watts, Krukar)
(7) Annual Meeting Lunch
(8) Sept. 14 breakfast (Trigg, Henson)
(9) October 11 breakfast

3. Repairs and Maintenance
Ray Raczek brought up a toilet tank to replace the one damaged by freezing. Gary Heidelbaugh will put pipe in the area where the cracking happened. Gary and the people he has spoken with propose going underground with the pipe, coming up inside the bathroom, and installing a filter.

The doorknob on the south door has been replaced. Moulding won’t be installed this year. Vinyl flooring might by put in the fire department office.

The exterior fascia on the building needs to be scraped and painted. Also, the drain under the ramp outside the big door has become clogged with dirt and rock and needs to be cleared.

4. Director

Christine Trigg has accepted coming on the board as a director to complete Norma Leib’s term.

5. Additions to Newsletter/Other

Tod Kerr wants to organize the yard sale (August 9, at Chama Days) this year.

SCI Pens have been reduced to $1.50 to help get them sold.

Lucy Henson wants to get the newsletter out the third week in April.

No further meetings are scheduled until summer, when Tod Kerr will be back in Laguna Vista.

Lucy discussed the SCI insurance situation. The insurance company that used to insure the building no longer carries this type of policy. She will talk to Pam Alcorn and folks to get an estimate to replace the coverage.

The board discussed ideas for the Mother’s Day breakfast, including the possibility of providing flowers. Barb (Rogers?) had provided flowers in the past, but it had gotten expensive. Gladys and Lucy will check on materials; inexpensive roses may be available at Sam’s or Costco.

Christine reported on one comment heard about the dinners and breakfasts, which was that they “were all about fund raising and there are no fun things”. In the past, some “fun things” have been tried, such as a Vegas night that the Hensons, Williams, and Triggs had held, with blackjack and poker for fun. In the past, the trend has been for these events to be more or less well attended the first time or two, but then for folks to lose interest. It was also mentioned that SCI/LVLOA might be able to receive significant income, perhaps $800.00 per month, for leasing space for a cell phone tower, which would also improve service for the neighborhood.

The meeting of the Shroyer Center, Inc., board was closed, with the next meeting to be scheduled in the summer as needed.


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At 5:56 PM, September 14, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 2:10 AM, September 15, 2005, Blogger Carol Anne said...

There must be an object lesson here, when the minutes of a pretty darn dull community-center board meeting get such seemingly enthusiastic responses. "As long as people keep sharing ideas like this, the truth will eventually reveal itself"???!!

So, what's the sinister truth behind the schedule of fund-raising dinners? Or maybe the fire department has ulterior motives in wanting to have flooring installed?

Stay tuned for the next revelation of nefarious dealings.


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