Monday, September 12, 2005

Monday, September 12, 2005

After the luxury of the three-day Labor Day weekend, this past weekend went by far too quickly. Friday we took twelve large bags of concrete mix to Laguna Vista along with firewood cut from the old cottonwood tree. The trip was much quieter this time without the felines. We also brought up some gravel, which I added to the pile covering the weed-block fabric under our cabin's front porch.

Saturday morning I mixed and poured concrete; in the afternoon we drove to Pagosa Springs for lunch at the Hog's Breath and more concrete mix. That evening I got the first few flagstones placed at one end of the north terrace/patio project and almost all of the wall blocks cored. One more ton poured and only about one ton to go! Yikes. And, I should have worn (chemical resistant) gloves.

Sunday morning we rushed out of the house and stopped by the marina for an hour. There Gerald and I took some solar lights to the dockmaster on duty and we worked on bolting a temporary gangway thingy together. The lake actually went up a couple of inches this weekend; heavy rains in southern Colorado kept Willow Creek flowing at around 200 cubic feet per second for a few days, adding some 1400 acre feet to the lake. We took a few pictures of a boat sailing by and picked up some fee payment envelopes for the sailing club treasurer before leaving for Gerald's Urgent Appointment.

Then we zipped south to Albuquerque in time to get Gerald to a Scout troop event, filling luminaria bags with sand. Unfortunately, the event had been cancelled and we didn't find out until we checked messages on our telephone in Albuquerque. So, we ran by Monroe's for dinner, Carol Anne got to watch lots of football, and Gerald did some room-shoveling while I fired up the chainsaw and cut up some more cottonwood.


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