Friday, July 29, 2005

Catalina Cruise, Part 3

Part 3
Thursday morning dawned bright and clear over Avalon Harbor. Folks took their time getting going, pausing often to run various errands and admire the scenery. Stan Hafenfeld was seen carting a large crate from "downtown" Avalon toward the dinghy dock north of the Tuna Club; it turned out that he had bought himself .... a mermaid! You never know what you'll see on a Catalina Cruise!

Right: Long Beach skyline.

Below: Sailboat near Long Beach harbor entrance.

Above: Avalon beach on Thursday morning, and one of many "painted eagles" that now decorate Avalon as part of a widespread art project that saw painted ponies in Albuquerque and painted porpoises in Port Isabel, Texas.


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