Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Lakefest Racing at Texoma, Friday, April 13, 2012 ... (V-b, C&C 37 Wizard with Tabasco and J/92)

J/30 "Tabasco (Ralph Renshaw and a crew of collegians, sail no. 480), sailing at the 2012 Lakefest. Lake Texoma's winds were excellent and moderately consistent for the regatta, allowing for brisk sailing and a fast pace to the racing.
Scott Law's C&C 37 "Wizard" (sail 42684) racing in fleet 2 at Texoma's 2012 Lakefest Regatta. Wizard's crew hoists the chute. These snapshots were taken from Mark Smith's center console boat, which was being used as the judge boat for the regatta. With pretty good swells on a large lake, trying to take pictures got to be an acrobatic sport at times.
Wizard in mid-hoist.
More Wizard-ry
Nice portrait of the C&C 37 Wizard. Unfortunately, pictures were taken at a limited resolution of only 2 MP; also, cropping and compressing for uploading brought the resolution down further.
Wizard romping downwind. Courses were windward leeward, typically with two full laps with legs about 1.2 NM in nominal length.
C&C 37 Wizard following what appears to be the J/30 no. 438 "Tabasco" (Ralph Renshaw and a crew of collegians), in turn following the J/92s of Bailey.
Another look at the parade of spinnakers.


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