Friday, February 03, 2012

They follow me home...

Starboard view of 1973 Buccaneer sloop

Starting this Wednesday, an eighteen-foot Buccaneer sailboat began following me home. Today came the paperwork and Monday is supposed to come the tiller. Some minor repairs and tweeks will be needed.

View from port aft
The boat, an older, 1973 Buccaneer called "Cair Vie", had been donated by a friend to a Navy Jr. Reserve Officer Training Corps program at West Mesa High School in Albuquerque. After a few years the ROTC program instructors didn't have any immediate use for her, but could use funds for their program and eventually were convinced to sell the boat.

HIN (Hull Identification Number) plate and decal showing 1973 model year for Buccaneer

Mast partner area (wooden mast partner has been reglued and needs to be screwed and bonded into top of cuddy trunk)

Mainsheet block and aft end of keel trunk

Starboard access port to forward portion of Buccaneer

Port bow, with old registration sticker (numbers need to be spaced properly, too)


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