Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Vicarious Sailing

This has been an odd summer, with a number of distractions and odd happenings. during part of the summer our son, Gerald, went with his grandparents and other family members on an eclipse cruise in the western Pacific. But, Carol Anne and I had to remain in New Mexico.

One thing has been prominently missing from this blog and from our lives: sailing. I've kayaked a bit, been to the lakes a bit, but sailing is the one thing that hasn't happened lately.

So, I've been subsisting on word of the nautical exploits of others, both within my local community and out in the broader blogosphere. It's been a diet of vicarious sailing experiences, but thin gruel though that may be, it's better than not having any interesting sailing experiences to chat about at all.

To all of you sailing bloggers out there, keep up the sailing and storytelling. It's appreciated by those of us who, for whatever reason, temporarily fall into the vicissitudes of vicarious sailing.

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