Saturday, August 15, 2009

Naughty Notion for the Cat-Dog Amerca's Cup Match

Since Ernesto Bertarelli and Larry Ellison are no doubt worried about the development and overall expenses for the America's Cup Deed of Gift match on exotic catamarans, let me offer a helpful suggestion.

Let Ernesto and Larry slug it out one-on-one in West Wight Potter 15 "keel yachts".

That would cut out most development, crew, and sail expenses, setting a radically altered template and amazing new precedent for affordability. Future America's Cups could receive a flood of entries from dozens or even hundreds of America's Cup contending teams. Even entries from bogus Spanish yacht clubs owned by absentee tycoons could be welcomed.

The West Wight Potter's compact shippy looks and "cute" factor would no doubt bring new demographics to the audience mix and global television advertising package, further ensuring this choice's success. And, if you think WWP 15's are cute now, wait until you see them all decked out in color-coordinated sponsor advertising and fully endowed with all the best racing technology.

Plus, massive trickle-down technology transfer would no doubt revolutionize the West Wight Potter racing scene. We could envision all manner of high-tech gear being used by professional-caliber sailors as a transformative paradigm for "Potter Yachters".

Photo copyright 2004 International Marine, from West Wight Potter 15 gallery,

Sail racing's biggest names might soon be deserting their Farr, 49er, J/24, Melges, Star, Sunfish, TP52, VOR60, and even Laser sailing yachts in favor of the unique experiences awaiting them upon the West Wight Potter. They might even be joined by top racing talent from the MacGregor X and Force 5 world circuits. Imagine cut-throat competition with yachting's top names precisely jockeying their West Wight Potters into position as they exert maximum performance from the yachts in close quarters.

Also, it seems that designation of an appropriate Southern Hemisphere venue would solve many of the nitpicking difficulties in regard to Mutual Consent for the Cup Venue. May I nominate Cape Horn? The visual excitement of this venue would certainly compensate for any perceived (unfairly and unjustly, Potter Yachters would naturally insist) limitations of the West Wight Potter Keel Yacht. Of course, as steadfast Potter Yachters might remind other sailors, the West Wight Potter 15's conservative rig, enclosed cabin, and buoyant design would complement the choice of venue.

This site also eliminates the fears of terrorism or piracy; even a terrorist wouldn't be stupid enough to fool around Cape Horn, but the venue wouldn't be any problem for most billionaire sailboat racers.

Photo copyright Nikolay Murenets, "Kolyamour" from Trek Earth site

That's it, crew: Two West Wight Potter 15s, the mighty Southern Ocean, and every sailor's ultimate icon, the great Cape, are made into a winning combination with the oldest trophy in sport.

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At 4:01 AM, September 02, 2009, Blogger Smilicus said...

Sounds like something me and a few of my mad friends would be interested

Great Idea


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