Monday, June 01, 2009

Etchells "Black Magic" Sailing in the Race to the Elephant

Stern view toward Marina del Sur showing Kachina (left) and Black Magic (right) approaching the rounding mark after passing to the west of Rattlesnake Island. These pictures are scans of paper prints given to the racers at the awards dinner, so the resolution is limited ... but they do capture a bit of the excitement of the race.

Close view of Black Magic and Kachina, probably near the mark rounding of buoy 9A.

Distant view of the Etchells Black Magic.

Etchells USA 125 in a puff

Black Magic with speedboat passing in background

Black Magic behind ski boat and dunked water skier.

Sloop Black Magic port view

Etchells 125, Black Magic, in the cove near the Dam Site marina and not far from the finish of the Race to the Elephant on Saturday, May 30, 2009. Photos courtesy of Mark from the Dam Site Marina.

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