Thursday, May 14, 2009

Six things that went right during the Joshua Slocum race

notwithstanding the gripes below, several things did go right during our Joshua Slocum single-handed race.

(1) The powerboat was able to tow the non-motorized boats out to the race course when winds were slow to fill in.

(2) I was able to (eventually) get the spinnaker up and drawing well for the first time in 8 - 15 knots of wind.

(3) I managed to avoid spinnaker disasters and got the chute down decently.

(4) I was able to hold off a good sailor in a similar competing boat through most of the race.

(5) After the race, I had a nice solo sail in spite of building white-cap conditions.

(6) Nothing Broke! (including me) Whoopee!

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