Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sailing at Elephant Butte Lake, January 11, 2009

Sunday morning dawned with a breeze already established on the lake. Batgal and I were pretty quick about getting up and going and were soon out on Elephant Butte Lake. There we had a good morning sail in the race course area with Zorro, until conditions lightened and we went in for lunch at Hodge's Corner Restaurant, a favorite breakfast and lunch hangout in Elephant Butte for local sailors.

When we returned to the dock, conditions were light, but Zorro was ready for the second sail of the day. (On Sunday, January 4, we'd gotten in two great sails for something like six hours of sailing, which is a pretty good achievement for a short winter day in an open boat.) But, a second sail wound up not being in the cards for us; Batgal was anxious to head back to prepare for the beginning of teaching classes the next day and Tad was ready to head home and prepare to drive to Arizona the next day. (I would follow him on Wednesday, and we both had general plans to help him prepare for his term and to participate in the Arizona Yacht Club's Birthday Regatta.) So, we drove on northward. That still left my tally at five days of sailing so far in January, which was better than I'd managed during some summer months.

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