Saturday, November 01, 2008

quick update

This weekend -- moved a few tons of dirt, gravel, rocks, and boulders; worked on leveling driveway, applying fresh gravel, creating a rock railing.

Also -- visited Chama and Heron Lake Marina. Chama Valley Market should be open for business in December; the new building is up and teams of workers are crawling around inside to install electricity and fixtures.

Next weekend's forecast for Elephant Butte -- gorgeous, beautiful autumn weather; Saturday's high temperature should be 67 F, winds from the SW at 5 to 10 mph, sunny, clear skies.

Carol Anne -- completed her quota of words for the first day of National Novel Writing Month and posted an excerpt on the NaNoWriMo web site; is writing on the laptop now in front of the fireplace, with Dulce nearby.

Shopping list/north: meat, beer, active dry yeast

Calendar events:
Thursday, November 7, Coronado Optimist Club (Coronado Optimist Sailing Club)

Fleet --
* Black Magic: upper shrouds replaced, mast back up, mostly re-rigged. Need to repair tiller and install extension properly, install compass, install through-deck blocks and rigging for traveler, put balls in traveler car, install traveler and connect to mainsheet, install bilge pump, install angle brace for main halyard block, clean and paint dings with Easypoxy, etc.
* Arabella: will need shroud turnbuckles, tiller, halyards
* Syzygy: needs master electrical switch replaced, link to extend forestay, dings and scuffs cleaned up, marketing for sale
* Gerald's Laser II: needs gooseneck/boom, installation of hardware; Gerald can work on during Thanksgiving weekend
* Sunfish and dinghies: two at Butte, 1 kayak at Butte, one 'fish in Albuquerque, remainder at Five O'Clock Somewhere including one with hull damage and one difficult to register because it never had been under previous owners. Bring 1 kayak south, possibly one Sunfish.
Trailers: one doubled trailer at Butte could use some reinforcing and provision for holding mast, plus a broken light replaced; one trailer to be doubled is at "Dumbledore's" place. Syzygy's trailer needs a bunk replaced. Black Magic's trailer needs some carpet stapled back in place.
Race management: RRO application submitted, need volunteers for Nov. 15 committee boat at Butte, will update SOARS.


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