Saturday, November 01, 2008

AMF Apollo sailing dinghy at New Mexico Sailing Club

Starboard quarter view of AMF Apollo 16 sailing dinghy under New Mexico Sailing Club pavillion. The Apollo is a 15' 9" centerboard dinghy equipped as a sloop for sailing with a jib and mainsail. Two to four persons can sail the Apollo, which was designed by Bruce Kirby, the designer of the Laser, as a racing sailboat. AMF was the same company that manufactured the Sunfish during the era of the Apollo.

The Apollo makes a good transition for sailors from simpler boats such as the Sunfish or Laser to more complex racing boats, since the Apollo is equipped with main and jib, plus traveler and other control lines that aren't found on simpler boats.

Starboard bow

Cockpit details

Bow details


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