Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blog reflection and visitor geography

Usually, posts in this blog are about sailing adventures, personal challenges, "learning opportunities", and pretty pictures of boats and scenery. Seldom do I indulge in reflections about the blog itself; it somehow seems silly to me to go too far into audience analysis, counting up visits, and paying much attention to all of that. Occasionally, I'll look at the log to get an idea of where blog visitors are form and what sort of information they might be looking for, but at other times I'll completely pass over that sort of information.

Just for fun, and perhaps as a reference point, here's a breakdown of where most of the last 100 visitors originated (the total is fewer than 100 because of some unrecorded origin points):

NORTH and SOUTH AMERICA, 77 visits:
Mexico, Veracruz-Llava, Tampico
Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver
Ontario, Toronto
Ontario, Thunder Bay
USA, New Mexico (30):
Albuquerque (x17)
Las Cruces
Santa Fe (x4)
Santo Domingo Pueblo
Socorro (x2)
Tularosa (x3)
USA, Southwest (14):
Arizona, Camp Verde
Arizona, Tucson
Colorado, Denver (x2)
Colorado, Englewood
Texas, El Paso (x5)
Texas, Houston (x2)
Utah, Salt Lake City
USA, Far West (9):
Alaska, Wasilla
California, Eureka
California, Hemet
California, Pasadena
California, Salinas
California, San Jose
California, Stockton
Hawaii, Kaneohe
Washington, Seattle

USA, Central and Eastern (18):
Indiana, South Bend
Kansas, Olathe (x2)
Louisiana, Baton Rouge
Massachusetts, Quincy
Maine, Buxton
Minnesota, Saint Paul
Missouri, Lees Summit
New Jersey, Ramsey
New York, Jamaica
New York, Larchmont
New York, Levittown
Ohio, Cincinnati
Rhode Island, Cranston
South Carolina, Fort Mill
Virginia, Blackstone
Wisconsin, Sun Prarie

India, Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal
Malaysia, Pulau Pinang, Butterworth
South Africa, Gauteng, Pretoria

Czech Republic, Hlavni Mesto Praha, Praha
Jihomoravsky Kray, Ceska
Denmark, Staden Kobenhavn, Copenhagen
France, Centre, Tampes
Ile-de-France, Paris
Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Huizen
Portugal, Faro, Portimo
Slovakia, Bratislava
Spain, Andalucia, Marbella
Turkey, Denizli
United Kingdom, Gloucesthershire, Gloucester
/Wales (Cymri), Rhondda Cynon Taff, Porth


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